What is Feng Shui (风水)?

What is Feng Shui (风水)?

Feng Shui (风水) literally means wind and water, used by the ancient Chinese to describe energy and the dynamism of energy. Feng Shui is an ancient art of the Chinese way of living in harmony and balance with the environment in order to enjoy good fortune.

There are different types of energy in our environment. Some are good, while others are undesirable. If we live in an area with good energies, our health, harmony and wealth will  improve and if we live in an area with undesirable  energies chances of encountering misfortune will increase.

By rearranging our living space and managing our surroundings we can tap the auspicious energies or Qi (气).

Benefits of Feng Shui

When auspicious energy in a premise is activated and enhanced, the occupants may experience the following:

  • Flow of Abundance & Wealth
  • Status of Health and Emotions
  • Status and Strengths of Relationship(s)
  • Levels of Fame, Popularity and Leadership
  • Study and Academic Performance

Feng Shui is also used to avoid, suppress or turn around the inauspicious energy in a premise so that the following can be minimized:

  • Illness
  • Loss of Wealth, Fame and Status
  • Bad Relationships with spouses and family members
  • Poor Studies and Academic Performance

Classical Feng Shui

The system used is Classical Xuan Kong Feng Shui. It includes studying the landforms surrounding the premise and also calculating energies of the premise.

Surrounding landforms of a HDB apartment
Energy chart of a HDB apartment

Energy chart of a premise can be calculated from the angle the premise faces and also the date of its construction. The numbers in the energy chart are not based on numerology; it represents the different stars in Chinese Astrology. By studying both the external landforms and the energy chart calculation of a premise, an experienced master will be able to predict potentially what may happen to an occupant at different sectors of the house, whether good or bad relating to health, wealth, harmony etc.  As for when it will happen, it can be predicted by taking into account the yearly energies and its interaction with the energy in the premise.  Although energies are dynamic and changes with time, it changes in a cyclic manner, therefore making predictions possible.

Our Feng Shui consultation does not include selling expensive symbolic items of any sort. Examples of our remedy approaches are, shifting of important objects like working tables or beds to an auspicious position and designing a favorable walk path in your premise to activate the Qi.

Additionally, we also recommend activating certain areas’ energy with objects belonging to the 5 elements –  metal, wood, fire, water and earth.

5 elements of Feng Shui

Based on the cycle of support and destruction of the elements, a Feng Shui Master is able to enhance good energy or harmonize bad energy in a premise

For example, if an area needs more Earth energy, we will recommend clay objects, a small pot of plants with soil, yellow/brown objects. Fire supports Earth. Things that represent fire elements are red objects and electrical appliances such as television sets.  Therefore our remedies do not include expensive material or complex rituals. Remedies are usually subtle, simple and graceful.

Whether one is aware, environmental energies play a very important part in one’s success.  So it is better to have auspicious energy on your side than to work against it.

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