Five elements in Feng Shui

Five elements in Feng Shui

Article by Singapore Feng Shui Master Edwaard Liu

Five elements in Feng Shui Cures

Fire : Red, Pink, color, triangular shape, lighting, electrical appliances, burning candle.

Earth : Yellow, Brown color, Square or Rectangle shape, porcelain objects, soil

Metal : White color, round shape, metallic display, metallic sound(wind chimes).

Water : Blue, Black, Grey color, curve object,  non moving water, water feature, fish tank

Wood : Green color, long and vertical objects, plant with leaves  and  stem.

In the cycle of generation, Fire generates Earth, Earth generates Metal, Metal generates Water, Water generates Wood, Wood generates Fire.

In the cycle of control, Fire controls Metal, Metal controls wood, Wood controls Earth, Earth controls Water, Water controls Fire.

Traditional Feng Shui Grandmasters used the five elements to activate favorable energies and cure unfavorable energies. It is important to identify correctly the type of energy in each sector so that the right type of element can be used. Sometimes, two or more elements in varying quantities  and size are needed. It is also crucial to judge whether to use the strong or weak version of a particular element.

For example, we can use a piece of red color paper as “weak fire” element and a lamp with red cover as “strong fire” element. These elements, if used correctly at the right area with the application of other techniques can help to boost and circulate good energy throughout the house.

It is important to note that activation or curing of the energies at various sectors is critical but it is still not enough. It is even more crucial to be able to contain or remove the bad energy and circulate good energy. Therefore, if the wealth energy is well circulated in the premise, then many sectors will become “wealth sector” and not just restricted to a particular sector.

Careers and professions can be classified under different elements too.


Law and Security related career: Lawyer, Judge, Police, Security guard. Automotive related career or industry: Mechanical Engineer, Car repair. Transportation related career or industry: Bus, Taxi, Trains, Lorry, Truck driver or operators. Metal related industry or career: Jeweler, Goldsmith, Miner for metal. Bank and Financial industry and career: Banker, Bank Teller, Stock Brokers. Research related industry and career: Scientist, Researcher. Accountancy related career or industry: Accountant, Accounting Firm, and Bookkeeper


Tour related career or industry: Tour Guide, Travel Agency. Service related career or Industry: Sales Executive, Marketing Executive, Public Relations, Insurance Agent, and Diplomat. Water related business or Career: Shipping Plumber, Aquarium Business, Water Filter Business, Pub. Labour related career or industry: Maid Agency, Labour Supply. Media related career or industry, Reporter, Newscaster.


Electrical and Electronic related career or industry: Electrical Engineer, Electronic Engineer, Electronic Shops and Mobile Phone Shop, Electrical Appliance. Computer and Computing related career or industry: Computer Programmer, Network and Multimedia, Information Technology, Graphic Designer. Fashion and Beauty related career or industry: Fashion Designer, Departmental Store. Food Related career or industry : Restaurant, Café, Canteen.


Wood or Plant related career or industry: Planting, Farming, Gardening Business, Landscaping, and Foresting, woodcraft, wood furniture and florist. Medical related career or industry: Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacist, Herbal Food, Healer, Herbalist. Books related career or industry: Paper Industry, Bookstore, and Librarian. Training and Teaching related career or industry: Teacher, Lecturer, and Professor. Arts and Artistic industry.


Earth related career or industry: Gardener, Mining business, Archeologist, Gemstone Trading, Marble Business, and Pottery.. Land and Estate Development career or industry: Architect, Civil Engineer, Developer, Real Estate, Land Banking, Contractor, Building firm, Renovator. Farming, Recycling.

Here is an article that talks about wood elements, how do plants impact your Feng Shui.

Pets can be classified under different elements too.

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