How Fountains affect Feng Shui.

How Fountains affect Feng Shui.

Article by Singapore Feng Shui Master Edwaard Liu

Fountains are used in Feng Shui to activate energy. If fountains are placed at a sector that has wealth energy, it will activate it. If placed at a sector with illness or argument energy, it will also activate it. It is not something that you can randomly put inside or our site your house of office without knowing the consequences, because it may have negative effect.

Fountain for Feng Shui

Not much is stated in the ancient text about fountains, because fountain is a modern invention. There is no electricity in ancient times.


Through the studies of how energy behave around water, ancient Feng Shui master discovered that 气 or energy dispersed when there is wind and energy gather when there is water. Modern Feng Shui master knows this knowledge from what the ancient master wrote.

But how does the ancient Feng Shui Masters know this? A good Feng Shui master should be one with proper spiritual cultivation and practice with guidance from a qualified teacher, knowing just the theory is dangerous; a good Feng Shui Master must know how energy flow. Many modern Feng Shui masters only knows the theory; only one that cultivate spiritually is sensitive to energies, without the ability to feel or know the why energy flows how do one becomes a good Feng Shui Master? Many “Masters” use Fountains to activate energy without full understanding, knowing, seeing, or feeling the way energy flows.

Recently one of my clients in Singapore engaged me to do a Feng Shui analysis for their landed property, he was advised by the previous “master he engaged to put a fountain just outside the back door.

The location is a wealth sector, based on calculation of the classical Feng Shui formula, when a fountain is placed at wealth sectors, it will activate the wealth energy at the premise. However, this fountain at the back door just pulls all the energy that enter through from the front door straight through the kitchen and out the back door, because fountains pull and draw “qi” or energy like an energy magnet. Energy does not stay in the house; it leaks right out of the back door. It has not chance to circulate in the rooms, therefore people in the house do not feel energized, there will be disharmony and dispute, which the house owner admitted.

Most apartments and condo unit do not have back door, but many condos have balcony surrounded with metal grills; energy entering from the front door will leak out of the balcony through the grills and do not stay and accumulate in the unit, the effect become worst if there is a swimming pool facing the balcony, energy is drained from the unit to the pool downstairs. The are however ways to retain energy in the unit by using fountains at correctly placed location. (Other tips for selecting a unit)

As stated earlier, water attracts energy, many new flats or condo in Singapore has kitchen door very near to the main door, energy entering through the main door will flow into the kitchen first before moving to other parts of the unit, because of the sink in the kitchen, fiery energy(stove) from the kitchen now circulate the whole unit causing people in the house to have bad temper and dispute among occupants. Again, we can use fountains to manipulate the flow of energy by placing it at the correct position, so that energy will flow to the fountain first, then circulate the unit and not flow to the kitchen first.

Many commercial buildings have fountains near their entrances, the reason is to attract energy near the entrance, as humans enter the entrances, they bring energy into the buildings with them. Some condo units have fountains at the lobby; if a condo development has a fountain and 2 lobbies for 2 clusters of units, and cluster that is nearer to the fountain, has more energy.

Water in the fountain needs to be clean, if the fountain is at the correct position but the water is dirty, it may also result in bad outcome. Therefore, it is important to change the water in the fountain regularly.

Fountains that have loud gushing sound may not be suitable to be in the house, the sound of water should be instead peaceful and soft, else it may also result in disharmony.

Fountains with rolling balls are more effective in gathering and circulating energy. Fountains that look like tombstones are not auspicious. Some fountains have statue of Buddha, the image of Buddha is not to decorate your fountain, it is deemed disrespectful and therefore not recommended.

There is also no need to have very special design Feng Shui fountain, as long as the fountain has moving water, it will attract energy.

We are fortunate to have fountain to enhance the Feng Shui of the house, unlike ancient times, but getting one without first knowing how it will affect the energy is risky and dangerous.

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