Office Feng Shui

Office Feng Shui

Article by Singapore Feng Shui Master Edwaard Liu

Many working people spend several hours in their office daily; the Feng Shui of your work place and office will influence you and your performance. In this article, I will share with you some Office Feng Shui Tips that will enhance your luck, productivity and wealth.

An office should be bright with natural light coming through the windows, while not overly bright. A dark office does not have enough yang energy, while an overly bright office has too much Yang energy.  Ying and yang energies must be balanced in a premise. The amount of sunlight coming into an office can be controlled by curtains and blinds. Some offices do not have natural light, in such cases, artificial light must be bright enough to light up the office.

A small office with many people working in it, has too much yang energy, when the yang energy is overly strong, it is easy to result in dispute and disharmony.  A big office with very few people working in it, on the other hand is relatively yin in energy, it may result in stagnant energy in Feng Shui and affect the support occupants get.

Plants do affect the energy of a premise, plants are living things, and they carry yang energy. They also have the ability to energize space. Plants are classified as wood element in the five elements in Feng Shui. It is also important to note that dead or dried plants carry Yin energy and it has dead or stagnant energy which is not good for Feng Shui and should be remove immediately. Cactus or any plants that have sharp pointed leaves are not suitable in offices as they carry bad energy. For small plants,  generally it does not matter here you place them, however if they are big and are in large quantity, it is advisable engage a qualified master to see if that particular sector is suitable for wood elements; because if placed wrongly, it may affect wealth, health or harmony.

Some offices have fountains and aquariums, moving water are energy magnet, it attracts “Qi” or energy. The location to put them are very important, at different locations, it causes energy to circulate the premise differently, with very different outcome. Moving water also activated energies where it is place, for example if the location of the fountain or aquariums has illness energy, people in the office tends to fall sick easily,  on the other hand, if it is place at a wealth sector, it will be improve wealth matters. It is best to know where the good sectors within an office are located before placing moving water elements in your premise.

Is the office space clean, neat and tidy? Clutter affects the flow of energy, if the office cluttered with boxes, unused furniture or documents it will affects the energy flow within the premise and the quality of the energy will be degraded.  Is your personal space cluttered? People that are more organized in their thoughts tend to have organized desk too. People with organized desk tend to think better too.

There should be a space outside the main door of the office known as “bright hall” (明堂, for energy to gather. If the main door is located at a narrow corridor, energy does not gather, in that case, once the door opens, there must be an area for energy to gather inside the office. Do not place or clutter the door or walkway leading to the door with unnecessary  items. It blocks energy from entering the premise affecting the Feng Shui of the premise.

Some offices require their staffs or guests to remove their shoes before entering the office, resulting in shoes being placed in a disorderly manner. The main door to the office is an important location,  it is the main entrance for people, and people brings in energy to the premise. If the energy has to pass by  dirty or smelly location before entering the premise, it will degrade the overall energy. Instead, shoes should be placed in closed shoe cabinets.

Rubbish bins should have lid, it should be place at a location that is not prominent, it should not have bad smells and the contents in the bins should be empty regularly. Bad smells or decaying food results in bad energies, and bad Feng Shui.

This article shares some simple tips and awareness for office Feng Shui, for more advance Feng Shui analysis and recommendation, do contact us.

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