Sharmila William, “My family and I are very grateful to Edwaard. His friendly disposition puts you at ease and he patiently answers all your questions. His after sales service is impeccable. Our family has seen many positive changes. He genuinely cares for your well being. I highly recommend Edwaard.”

Zan Lim, ““I engaged Edwaard for my house’s Feng Shui and after taking his advice, I can see positive changes and more opportunities in my life. His after-service is great and he is always sincere and willing to help whenever he can. He also provides a detailed Feng Shui report which is easy to understand. He is greatly recommended if you are looking for a Feng Shui Master who is sincere to help you in your life and well-being.”

Lance Ng, “Edwaard is the 1st person I’ve approached in my life to do a Bazi reading. I’m a sceptic, not of the field but of the many fake ‘Masters’ out there. Suffice to say he impressed me straight up with his accuracy. He is also very candid about what he can and cannot advise. In my humble opinion, based on my knowledge of various Chinese fortune telling methods, he is a genuine practitioner and worth going to if you need guidance in luck, career and health outlooks.”

Mee Kim Wong, I would strongly recommend Edwaard’s services. He is very professional and helpful. I actually got to know Edwaard from my sister who had engaged him for her house’s Feng Shui analysis. I can see that things have been changing positively for the entire family since then. Edwaard helped me when I was looking for a house and eventually did the Feng Shui for my new house too. He knows his stuff really well, on top of that he offers practical Feng Shui advice. I will not hesitate to recommend Edwaard’s services to anyone.

Kelvin Lim Chuan Ming, “Very good and accurate Ba Zi master. Really feels that he cares about you and your success. Will go back to him yearly”

Paul Poh, “Master Edwaard is friendly and professional. He listens to your concerns and answer questions patiently. He will verify the readings with your past events. There is no scary tactics and hard selling of Feng Shui ornaments. His forte is classical Feng Shui and Bazi analysis. Would be more than happy to recommend him to my friends.”

Zhu Zikun, “Master Edwaard Liu, using Bazi, is able to identify and inform me about my personalities, strengths and weaknesses. This helps me better understand myself to make more informed decisions and choices. Besides that, Mr Liu is able to predict my life cycle and thus equips me with the knowledge to adjust my perspectives to have more realistic expectations when times are tough. Other than that, he is willing to answer further questions and constantly shares with me relevant resources afterwards and such after-sales service makes it even more value-adding. He is always well prepared, strives for the betterment of his clients’ quality of life and, harnesses their potential for better well-being. I would highly recommend Mr Liu’s service and appreciate his professional advice.”

Johnathan Tan, “Just had a consultation with Master Edwaard Liu. A sincere and humble man, he is soft spoken and polite. Received from him some words of caution and advice for different time of my life. The consultation went smoothly and he was patient and well prepared. His service even included providing me with a paper with time slot and he gave me time to note. I just found out that it is not a workday for him but he made an exception for me and a few others. Definitely will visit again. Thank you Master Edwaard.”

Eleana Lim, “Met up with Master Edwaard today, very insightful and detailed about my ba zi reading.  Highly recommend him to get your readings done if you are doubtful about your directions in life and wish to have some assurance.”

Felicia Soh, “I have always liked to think myself as the non-superstitious sort, but have always kept an open mind. And my experience working with Master Edwaard for our new home have been nothing but full of logical insights which makes a lot of sense in creating a bright and airy home that feels good to live in. I appreciate his detailed and incredibly patient approach, as we kept changing our design and move-in date, but he was always smiley and kind. He has never once pushed us to buy any trinkets and would always come up with constructive solutions that does not involve crazy ideas. What a refreshingly different Fengshui master from the stereotype I always imagined.”

Alex Lee Manager from Hammerhouse, “Master Edwaard is a very approachable and pleasant guy to work with for my Feng Shui needs for both home and business. He is very precise and gives accurate advice to those in need. Highly recommended!”

Chung Heng. ” Master Edwaard is a very sincere and detailed oriented person. He goes through every particulars patiently with pre-eminent advice, and with positive post house and bazi consultation service. Has been thriving well and comfortably following Master’s consultation and advice.
A highly recommended trusted Feng shui master to look for
! “

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