Bazi reading (Singapore)

Bazi reading (Singapore)

Using an  Ancient Chinese Astrology system known as BAZI(八字) Master Edwaard Liu is able to identify your distinct personalities, strengths, talents, dominant emotions, social interactions as well as foresee obstacles. This amazing predictive system can also predict your luck cycle and issues that may arise in business partnerships or love relationships.

Bazi consultation will include the following :

  • Analysis of your Character and Traits
  • Analysis of your Relationship with family members and spouse
  • Analysis of your whole life in relation to Wealth, Love, Career Relationship and Health, in Ten Year Cycles
  • Analysis of current year and advice for the next 2 Years
  • Detailed analysis for next 12 months with advice given for individual Months
  • Advise on suitable Careers
  • Advise on suitable Colors
  • Advise on Lucky Sectors
  • Advise on other specific questions that clients have

The rate for consultation is $98, ($138 from 1 June 2024) the session is about 45 minutes to 1 hour

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