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The Classical Feng Shui Consultancy


Reputable  Feng Shui Master in Singapore

Master Liu is one of the rare Feng Shui Master that is trained in the spiritual aspect of Feng Shui. In ancient times, Feng Shui Masters are also known as Yin Yang Masters(阴阳先生)or Master of  Dual realm  namely the seen /manifested reams and unseen/non-manifested realms (阴阳两界) . Master Liu is one of the rare Masters that utilized both Early heaven(先天) and Later heaven(后天) methodologies and techniques. He is also highly sensitive to energies he utilized this strength to give Feng Shui advice to his clients to prevent stagnant energy and maximized energy flow in his clients’ homes of offices.

During his knowledge-building quest in Metaphysics, he discovered that Xuan Kong Feng Shui is an authentic and accurate system and is highly effective in tapping positive energy (Qi).  Xuan Kong Feng Shui harmonizes negative energies in one’s premise to improve in Health, Wealth, Career, and Relationship for the occupants in that premise. Xuan Kong Feng Shui has a history of more than 2000 years and has been extensively used by the Imperial Family of China. Using this Classical Feng Shui system together with his spiritual gifts he has helped his clients improve the quality of their lives.

Master Liu is able to help you activate and harness auspicious energies in premises/homes to improve the:

  • Flow of Abundance & Wealth
  • Status of Health and Emotions
  • Status and Strength of Relationships
  • Levels of Fame, Popularity and Leadership
  • Study and Academic Performance

Compelling reasons to choose us

Professional advice rendered by Master Edwaard Liu of The Classical Feng Shui Consultancy has enabled his clients to improve the quality of their lives. Master Edwaard Liu is very competent and is able to furnish good advice. He is always meticulous in verifying his clients’ Feng Shui charts for past events to ascertain the accuracy of the energy chart obtained. In addition, he uses the Bazi astrology chart of the occupants for verification and fine tuning remedies for Feng Shui.  This includes prediction of future events and devising of rectification measures.

Master Edwaard Liu is an Accredited Feng Shui Master and a member of the International Feng Shui Association, with its headquarters based in Singapore. Services are provided at an affordable rate. Master Edwaard Liu is a highly sought after speaker for topics on Feng Shui and BaZi. He is a highly recommended Feng Shui Master in Singapore and overseas for businesses and homes. Master Edwaard Liu’s Clients include Capitaland, one of Asia’s largest diversified real estate groups.

Master Edwaard Liu provide consultations for home owners staying in Landed properties, Condo and HDB flats. He also provide consultations for owners of  Offices,Office buildings, Property developments, Shopping malls etc.

For more information on services provided for Feng Shui consultation, click here.

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Thank you Master Liu for the wisdom and advice! Much appreciated!
Darren L.
Master Edwaard is very professional yet very friendly and approachable. He helped us in Fengshui, space cleansing and also Bazi. We learned a lot of things from him. You will need to make a booking with him first by going to his FB page to check when he is available for booking. Highly recommended!
I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the sincere and personable service from Master Edwaard. He was very detailed, thoughtful and gave really accurate and spot on advices. The communicate was also very comfortable and hassle free as words used were easy to understand.Highly recommend him if u want to try out bazi reading or looking for fengshui and advices for decision making.
seek K.
This is my first paid Bazi Reading and Master Liu is very knowledgeable. He is very patient in answering my questions and providing advice. In addition, he helped to read energy fields and gave accurate insights into my current career situation and family members.Last but not the least, he does not aggressively sell any fengshui items so there is no pressure.The wait is real (I waited 3 months!) but it was worth it and I hope to see him soon for my residence Feng Shui reading.Many thanks, Master Liu! 🙏🏻[Follow-up: I managed to secure a booking for my residence Feng Shui reading and would like to commend Master Liu! He is very thorough in his explanations and in sharing general feng shui concepts. There is no pressure in buying anything and this is really a great experience. Thank you, Master Liu!]
Minyi Y.
First time having my bazi read and it was very insightful. Master Edwaard is sincere and knowledgeable. I felt completely at ease with him. I managed to gain the insights of my worries and have a much better vision. Highly recommended.
Kelvin L.
Master Edwaard's energy reading is amazing. He was spot on in so many aspects. He was able to give guidances to aid my decision making. I will strongly recommend his services.
Cute S.
Master Edwaard, Thank you very much for the detailed feng shui consultation. A down to earth, easy going and kind man, advice given were understandable and practical. I needed some clarity and guidance in life and the information I got from my Bazi reading was truly insightful. He also reads energy very well, it’s impressive and on point. He is patient and respectful and was very kind to accommodate to my queries. At the same time, advice was given with a touch of humor which made the experience very enlightening and I enjoyed my session. I initially felt worried, but I left the session feeling happy and energized.The environment is full of positive energy as well. Now I understand why his consultations are always full and taken up fast. I do hope fate will allow us to cross paths again as I hope to have a home feng shui reading in future with Master Edward.Thank you once again for session ☺️
Sumitha K B
Edwaard is very humble and helpful. He is also patient to answer all my queries. Hope I have clearer directions in life now. His rates are reasonable and won't force us to buy unnecessary items.
First time engaging Master Liu’s Feng shui and Bazi service. We were very lucky to book a slot on my first try. He’s very popular and only fast fingers could get you a chance to engage his service. Prices are very reasonable and he is professional and friendly. During the session, he is patient and will try his best to answer us. He will do 1 audit on the first visit and do another visit with his recommended advice. For those who may be concerned if he will get you to buy feng shui ornaments, not to worry. After the session, he also provides 6 months support for further questions. Overall, we are happy and glad to be able to engage his service. Thank you Shifu!
Master Edwaard stands out from other masters that i have consulted. He uses a unique way of reading one's energy level through his "other eye." Gladful for his advice as i needed clarity on some matters. Definitely will engage more of his services in future. His appointments are always full, so stay tune to his FB for update on the slots booking.
Very very patient and knowledgeable Master, who knows not only bazi but also reads energy very well. Able to read personality and health issues only using pictures👍🏼
Ophelia L.
very chill and pleasant consultation. analysis was broken down into understandable manner 👍🏼 enjoyed the session (:
Master Liu is very pleasant and willing to share his advice and thoughts not just about fengshui and the qi of my residence, but also my life in general. He is also very honest and does not hardsell any expensive fengshui items. My go-to master moving forward 🙂
Charisse N.
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Master Edwaard definitely deserves 5 stars for the consultation I had with him for Bazi analysis.Consultation with Master Edwaard was a pleasant one. He was polite, assuring, empathetic and accommodating. He was patient in answering my questions. I walked out of his office surprisingly feeling a lot lighter in the heart. He gave logical and practical advice 😊. He seemed to just know the answer I was seeking even before I said anything.Many jaw drop moments at how accurate he was! I received a text message the next day after I met Master Edwaard from one of my bosses. it is indicative of something positive. I’m guessing that his energy was just too positive and powerful 😂. Seems like a sign to further assure me that I can just trust what Master Edwaard said.I was asked within a day by at least 4 ppl, including Master Edwaard himself 😅, why him? Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe it was that profile picture of him in bright red shirt with that fengshui compass? 🤣Or simply Fate. I became more convinced after I followed his Facebook posts that he was one person I would like to speak to regarding my problems. It was a random fast decision and one of the best decisions made.Nothing was sold to me during or after the process. I was only gifted with many blessings.Thank you, Master Edwaard. 🌟😆Now I shall hope I would still be able to get a slot …or maybe I won’t need one too soon!
We engaged Master Edwaard for Bazi Analysis. He is approachable and patient. Despite his busy schedule, he did not rush through the consultation and provided a very comprehensive analysis for our family. We really appreciate his time and effort. Thank you Master Edwaard!
Liyan O.
Thank you for the consultation, now I understand why is there such a waitlist. Broke down the analysis into very digestible and understandable manner which was easy to absorb. Finally understand my bazi in a more comprehensive and positive manner. Provided notes to record for yearly analysis. A humble, patient, down to earth and very easy to talk to unlike some masters that have lots of ego. Answered my list of questions patiently too. Came out of the consultation learning new things with feedback on improving career prospects & personal growth that I require. Definitely recommend ✨
Master Edwaard was very sincere in understanding our concerns and in trying to help us by looking at the energy. my first time encountering a fengshui master who can read energy, a very interesting experience that is helpful at the same time.
Sokyin K.
Master Edwaard is a very chill but detailed fengshui master. We engaged him for the fengshui of our new home and we were very pleased that we have chosen to engage him. He was very precise in all his advices and he was prompt in generating a detailed report for us in just 3 days. He is efficient and responsive. Overall it has been a pleasure working with him in improving the fengshui of our new place.He is not easily available as he is considered hotcakes in the fengshui industry, do keep a look out for his booking instructions and dates on his facebook page. I highly recommend him if anyone is looking for a fengshui master.
Annabelle L.
5 ⭐️ for Edwaard shifu. He’s very patient, detailed in his explaining. Very enjoyable session.
Ivy Q.
Master Liu is very professional and patient in going through the readings with me. Highly recommend him to anyone who would like to have their Bazi read.
Alle Ow Y.
Master Edwaard is amazing! I engaged him for Bazi analysis.He is very patient in answering my questions and providing advice. If you are having a hard time making decisions, he will give you insights on your various choices. In addition, is good at sensing energy fields and I am very surprised he gave accurate readings into my current career situation. With that, I also roughly know what to expect in every 10 years cycle and for the next 12 months.I have better clarity after the session and hope to move towards a better life.Thank you Master Liu and I hope to see you soon!
Justin K.
Engaged Master Edwaard for bazi consultation and house cleansing. Was feeling anxious before seeing Master the first time round but was put to immediate ease upon seeing him. Master Edwaard is a friendly and down to earth person. We were amazed at Master's ability to sense energy accurately. Master goes above and beyond to help me with my numerous concerns and questions. Even gave us fengshui advice even though we did not engage Master for fengshui consultation. Deeply grateful to have met Master Edwaard.
teh c
Great consultation experience! An interesting experience having your bazi read and asking questions on things that have been weighing in my mind. I received plenty of good advice on how to approach certain things and seeing things in a bigger picture. Master was also very accommodating and nice!
I had fun during the session and learnt so much! Thank you!
Zoey C.
Master Edward Liu provided a comprehensive analysis of my Ba Zi chart, offering deep insights into my personality, strengths, and potential challenges. Their interpretations were remarkably accurate and resonated with many aspects of my life. The guidance on career paths, relationships, and personal growth has been invaluable.
ch L.
Had a bazi reading done by Master Edwaard . He is very friendly and patient in listenting and he will answer all the questions and he is able to sense an individual energy to my surprise . Overall the experience was comfortable and there is no hard selling at all . Would recommend to try it.
Shelia O.
Master Edward is very patience to all questions, and he ensures that he has answered all your questions in the end of session. He is able to feel individual’s energy and guide accordingly on every month. Overall, the session is comfortable and no hard selling tactics. Recommend to give a try.
Serene T.
Master Edwaard was very patient and gave good advice for my concerns. His explanation was also very detailed and he could accurately sense and advise on my family current situation. Will definitely continue to consult him in the future!
I have never seen any fengshui master until 1 day i decided to see one and chance upon master edwaard page.Very good master, doesnt upsell anything. Dont have anything to sell also😆I dont know what kind of questions to ask but no worries he will just say most of the things people usually wants to know.Straightforward and answers just enough.Good to know the things i should avoid, and things i can do.If you're new to fengshui, please see him but need to have alot of patience ya cos his slots are grabbed very quickly.
Helena L.
We had a fantastic experience with our first Bazi consultation, which was with Master Edwaard. He took the time to patiently answer all our questions and even provided a monthly forecast for the entire year, which was incredibly helpful. We highly recommend him.
Master is patient and kind in answering my doubt.
Yew Feng T.
Detailed and easy to understand. Analysis is accurate and precise. Highly recommended to have your ba zi read.
Dave W.
We had consulted Master Edwaard multiple times in bazi, home fengshui etc. He has been most accurate in providing guidance and valuable advice both at individual level as well as on areas cultivating better relationships with family and friends. All these helps us in gaining better perspectives and to tackle issues on-hand and in coming years. Truly thankful to Master Edwaard for all his great advice and kind patience.
Bryan L
👍 great experience!🙏
Pearly O.
Went to Master Edwaard for a general bazi consultation in order to gain clarity on my life direction and trajectory. It was an insightful session as he was able to look into the kind of person I am and give sound advice regarding things I can do/avoid, all the while being respectful, humorous and patient. Highly reccomended for people seeking clarity in various aspects of their life.
Celesse T.
Accurate and friendly. High reccommend.
leonard T.
Master Edwaard provided me some clarity for my current situation and gave really good advice during the session. Certain things he said regarding my life experiences were really spot on! The ba zi analysis for the next 10 years ahead was very detailed as well. On top of that, he was patient to answer all the questions that I had in mind and explained them in layman terms. He also gave advice on how to improve relationships with family & people around me. Overall, I’m very satisfied and find the session insightful. Would try to get a slot for my house fengshui analysis next round!
Vernice C.
Amazing, he can sense my way of teaching my son at home, he corrected me from there and provided me constructive advices.He can sense my husband and son’s health problems accurately through his very unique way.
Selina L.
I am very happy to engage Feng Shui master, Edwaard for my house Feng Shui consultation. Edwaard is very 随和,亲切。During consultation, my sister come to my house too. We ask lots of questions and Edwaard is very patient to answer them despite the very hot weather. Edwaard will also go extra mile to help me when I told him about my personal n my children's problems. He will give me advices. And since I pray Guang Yin at home, Master Edwaard also help me to bless my Guan Yin since my Guan Yin is not '开光'. This is very impt and I really appreciate . Actually there are a lot more things that Edwaard has help not just the fengshui consultation . As my house will be undergo renovation later due to HIP programme.. everything will still put on hold but all the advices will help me a lot for the house design.真的非常要谢谢Edwaard .. 感恩。
Ang Gek E.
We consulted with Master Edwaard for both bazi and fengshui home consultations, and we were thoroughly impressed. His insights were incredibly accurate and insightful for both areas. Additionally, he assisted us with energy cleaning of our place, going above and beyond to ensure a comprehensive service. Master Edwaard's patience with our questions was commendable, and he made sure to address everything until we had no further inquiries. We will definitely return for future consultations and highly recommend him to anyone seeking clarity and assistance.
Jem J.
Master Edwaard is very patient in answering my questions and did not rush the bazi consultation. I had a pleasant experience overall.
June O.
Friendly and helpful. Gave guidance on what to do for upcoming months and gave insights on my career situation. Was patient with my questions as well as helping me gain clarity with energy reading. Shared with me how things are a cycle and importance in doing good to better the good and mitigate the bad as well. Would recommend
I went for the Bazi reading. Master Liu speaks English and is very good with Energy reading. His sensing about us was very accurate and sometimes jaw dropping. He also gave good advice with regards to my kids and career through Bazi. Highly recommend.
Insightful, he dives right into what you need to improve without beating around the bush to confuse you. Gives you the right recommendations to improve without upselling or selling you items you don't need.Efficient use of time and energy - when you leave his office, you walk out with a clear renewed purpose and positive energy to attract the right people and connections.Definite 5 stars, for one of the most in-depth interpretations of why I keep attracting the same people who need help in some areas of my life. Practising mindful direction and meditation, will update on the changes in my life when they happen.Thank you for the gift of energy and for the Hulu - that's priceless!
Vivien G.
I've been visiting Master Edwaard since 2021 for bazi / home consultation. His method using both Bazi and energy reading is really insightful and the best part is that he will not do any hard selling which is what I appreciate! His advise is really insightful and he is really patient with us although I've asked a lot of questions. His rates are really reasonable and we are also going to engage him for house cleansing too! Will definitely come back to consult him again in the future!
Wenning K.
My second time engaging Master Edwaard's services for home fengshui consult after 6 years. His detailed explanation about how the Qi flows in the house was really informative which over the years, helped our family enjoy good health and happinesses amongst the family members.I find Master Edwaard a very sincere, down to earth and has a calming/comforting aura when he does his fengshui and bazi consultation. He does not sell any fengshui ornaments but encourages one to meditate to generate good energy so as to recharge self and spread good and positive energy to help others. Will highly recommend anyone who is thinking of having fengshui or bazi consult to engage Master Edwaard's services. Thank you so much Master Edwaard. 感恩。
Yvonne Y.
Master Edwaard offers a unique and refreshing method towards Bazi reading by infusing both Bazi and energy reading techniques. His advice is insightful and rich on self and spiritual improvements, without any hard selling or clear commercial marketing that many other feng shui masters out in the market thrive on. I highly recommend Master Edwaard and will definitely be back to consult him again in future!
Mr. Edwaad Liu is amazingly accurate in his reading of my life and encounters in many areas. He is very friendly, patient and allow time for me to raise whatever question I have (he even did a reading for my pet). I’m grateful for his service in providing me with clarity and assurance. Thank you!
Quite a positive experience, sincere and patient
Alvin L.
Highly recommended! Master Edward gives good and accurate advice.


HDB, Condo and Office Feng Shui consultation process

Information required before Feng Shui Consultation Address or premise and contact number Floorplan (For HDB floorplans you can purchase it here) Birthday, birth time, gender and profession of occupants TOP date or year of premise (or year premise is constructed) Process of consultation For Feng Shui consultation, there will be 2 visits to the premise.
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Procedure for a Proper Feng Shui Consultation

Article by Singapore Feng Shui Master Edwaard Liu A) This is the general procedure for a Feng Shui audit of existing premises Measuring of Facing Angle – This is the most important part of the audit where accurate and meticulous reading of the house’s direction is taken. Different ranges of degrees give rise to different energy
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Feng Shui Testimonials

Edwaard has a natural way of making you really comfortable with his warmth and sincerity. Being a stubborn person and one who does not open up easily, I need someone who makes me feel at ease and who I can put my trust in. With Edwaard, it was easy. In both the Bazi and Feng
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