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The Classical Feng Shui Consultancy


Reputable  Feng Shui Master in Singapore

Master Liu is one of the rare Feng Shui Master that is trained in the spiritual aspect of Feng Shui. In ancient times, Feng Shui Masters are also known as Yin Yang Masters(阴阳先生)or Master of  Dual realm  namely the seen /manifested reams and unseen/non-manifested realms (阴阳两界) . Master Liu is one of the rare Masters that utilized both Early heaven(先天) and Later heaven(后天) methodologies and techniques. He is also highly sensitive to energies he utilized this strength to give Feng Shui advice to his clients to prevent stagnant energy and maximized energy flow in his clients’ homes of offices.

During his knowledge-building quest in Metaphysics, he discovered that Xuan Kong Feng Shui is an authentic and accurate system and is highly effective in tapping positive energy (Qi).  Xuan Kong Feng Shui harmonizes negative energies in one’s premise to improve in Health, Wealth, Career, and Relationship for the occupants in that premise. Xuan Kong Feng Shui has a history of more than 2000 years and has been extensively used by the Imperial Family of China. Using this Classical Feng Shui system together with his spiritual gifts he has helped his clients improve the quality of their lives.

Master Liu is able to help you activate and harness auspicious energies in premises/homes to improve the:

  • Flow of Abundance & Wealth
  • Status of Health and Emotions
  • Status and Strength of Relationships
  • Levels of Fame, Popularity and Leadership
  • Study and Academic Performance

Compelling reasons to choose us

Professional advice rendered by Master Edwaard Liu of The Classical Feng Shui Consultancy has enabled his clients to improve the quality of their lives. Master Edwaard Liu is very competent and is able to furnish good advice. He is always meticulous in verifying his clients’ Feng Shui charts for past events to ascertain the accuracy of the energy chart obtained. In addition, he uses the Bazi astrology chart of the occupants for verification and fine tuning remedies for Feng Shui.  This includes prediction of future events and devising of rectification measures.

Master Edwaard Liu is an Accredited Feng Shui Master and a member of the International Feng Shui Association, with its headquarters based in Singapore. Services are provided at an affordable rate. Master Edwaard Liu is a highly sought after speaker for topics on Feng Shui and BaZi. He is a highly recommended Feng Shui Master in Singapore and overseas for businesses and homes. Master Edwaard Liu’s Clients include Capitaland, one of Asia’s largest diversified real estate groups.

Master Edwaard Liu provide consultations for home owners staying in Landed properties, Condo and HDB flats. He also provide consultations for owners of  Offices,Office buildings, Property developments, Shopping malls etc.

For more information on services provided for Feng Shui consultation, click here.

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Very insightful Bazi reading from Master Liu. Thank you Master Liu!
Jening C.
07:05 16 Mar 23
We are happy and feel no regret to engage Master Liu for our bazi, home feng shui consultation as well as home cleansing. He was a very professional and knowledgeable fengshui master. He provided detail and accurate analysis, and also very patient in answering all our doubts. Highly recommended! Thank you Master Liu for your service and your help!
Elise L.
14:38 25 Feb 23
1st time visiting Master Liu. Friendly and patient. Given me great advices and what can be done to overcome obstacles. Highly recommended.
sy S.
05:39 24 Feb 23
We have consulted master Edward for Bazi reading on 15 Feb 23. He have provided the analysis of our current, next 12 months and future life cycle. On top of that, he has helped to take a quick look of our floor plan and advise us where to place my girl’s study table to improve her concentration in studying and the bed in our master bedroom for better sleep. We have yet to make the adjustment. Really hope that with his advice, I can sleep better at night.
Li Hoon L.
03:52 18 Feb 23
It was a comfortable session as he has given some accurate analysis. Friendly and approachable person as we joked few times. Highly recommended as his service is reasonable. 😁
Chong C.
08:33 17 Feb 23
I was in fact apprehensive in meeting Master Edwaard Liu for our Bazi consultation, but Master Liu somehow managed to build a trusting atmosphere and rapport with us fairly quickly, which helped put me at ease.Master Liu had provided meaningful advice and thoughtful guidance, and also helped allay some of my mum's major worries. Additionally, he also kindly shared some relevant suggestions and a special chant with us.I did feel hopeful, and also changed my life outlook to a positive/optimistic one for the near future, after my consultation with Master Liu.Thank you, Master Liu.
C *
09:30 05 Feb 23
Thank you master Edwaard Liu for being friendly and professional. Master Liu was very informative, accurate and had given me and my spouse valuable advice in terms of our wealth, health and career. Thank you so much for the priceless gift as well, it makes us feel so special and we love it! Highly recommended!
Jasmine S.
11:35 03 Feb 23
It was a very comforting encounter experience to have chance to be able to meet Master Edwaard Liu after waited for more than 6 months. His report analysis was practical and with clear direction. A friendly, knowledgeable and approachable Master.
Bee kiat P.
13:00 02 Feb 23
Master is very friendly and provided detailed explanation on the readings ☺️
kaiwen T.
13:23 18 Jan 23
Master Edwaard is a very patient and knowledgeable fengshui master. I have used his services for my personal Bazi reading and home fengshui. Since I had adopted his advice for my house fengshui, my family and I can see an improvement in our family harmony and energy. Highly recommend anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable fengshui master!
Fiona L.
12:10 18 Jan 23
1st time going for bazi reading so wasn't sure what to expect. Master Liu was very clear in his reading and followed a systematic process. He was very accurate in describing our personalities and he gives sound and practical advice as well! No hardselling of products and was a positive experience overall!
08:15 18 Jan 23
Master Edwaard is friendly, kind, knowledgeable and shared detailed advice and actions/options one can take to better one's life based on bazi reading. Provided 12 mth forecast on what one could do and things to note.
Joanna N.
08:45 16 Jan 23
Good experience. Master Edward gave helpful guidance and tips.
Jusheng Benjamin N.
03:58 12 Jan 23
I’ve consulted Master Edwaard Liu for his Bazi Reading and I would say his analysis is quite accurate. He is also very patient when it comes to answering any doubts and questions. Service is also more affordable compared to others. Highly recommended. Thank you!
Hui Fang N.
16:08 11 Jan 23
I went to Master Edwaard for my Bazi reading and I find that what he said about my character is very accurate. He affirms what I know about my own strengths and weaknesses and gave me good advice and guidance on what to do with my career. He also shared with me good tips on how to do well in my potential career. Appreciate his sincere and professional advice and guidance.I also appreciate the detailed analysis for next 12 months with advice given for individual months, which can help me pay attention to the different areas of my life.Thank you Master Edwaard.
Regine L.
04:03 10 Jan 23
Master Edwaard was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly during our Feng Shui and Bazi consultations. His explanations were very logical and easy to understand. The atmosphere of the house was brighter and lighter after his visit. He replies our questions promptly and was very patient with us despite his busy schedule. We highly appreciate his time and effort.
Hannah L.
14:48 02 Jan 23
Master was very accurate in his readings. But the best part is that he gives sensible and practical advice.. definitely helped me in my thought process and planning!Just also finished fengshui audit with Master for my new home.. insightful, sensible and practical fengshui advice without unnecessary waste of money on FS items.
Law Notes T.
09:11 02 Jan 23
Master Edwaard is very friendly and patient. Keep asking whether I have any questions and whether he needs to slow down to ensure that I fully understand what he has tabulated for me.
Jill G.
11:50 29 Dec 22
Great service, as usual, friendly and provide good advices. Will definitely recommend to all πŸ™‚
Jun T.
06:20 28 Dec 22
We have engaged Master Edwaard for his home fengshui service and it has helped us improve the energy in our house. We took his recommendations into our reno plan and indeed we can feel the positive energy when we enter our new house. He is professional, informative and genuine. We will continue to engage him every year for house cleansing. Really thankful for his advice. Thank you Master Edwaard
Wenn C
05:51 27 Dec 22
My home has always been "uncomfortable", we have tried many ways to achieve the much needed peace but to no avail. Engaged Master Liu for home cleansing, received valuable guidance and advice from him. Things have started to improve. Thank you Master Liu!
Jening C.
10:55 21 Dec 22
This is my second time consulting Master Edwaard. Besides giving Bazi reading and analysis for the next 12 months, he also shares his advice during our conversation. He is very friendly and answers my queries attentively and does not hard sell anything. Highly recommended!
Kenneth T.
13:33 20 Dec 22
Master Edwaard Liu is patient and listened attentively to all my queries. A *Comfy* fengshui master to chat with and the session with him is both very informative and helpful. He also help advised on practical methods or ways of how we can adjust or improve own behaviourals first when faced with certain situations.Highly recommended
Andrew A.
08:12 15 Dec 22
Precise bazi reading and able to give sound advices. A big thank you, Master Liu.
yoLandashaNz X.
07:11 14 Dec 22
Master has a pleasant personality which makes talks about shortcomings more lighthearted, thereby improving the receptivity of suggestions given. Following his suggestions has helped to positively improve quality of life.
Kenneth T.
23:38 12 Dec 22
Master is very accurate and helpful person. I trust him.👍
Jenny L.
08:38 12 Dec 22
Master Edwaard is professional and patience master to answer all my doubts and give me a clearer guide for for future. Appreciate his detailed bazi reading analysis and 12months forecast, it do helps to let me know what to take note for each month. Thank you!
Chen V.
09:46 07 Dec 22
Master is very friendly and nice talking to, explain patiently whatever we are curious about.
weishao K.
06:59 28 Nov 22
Master Edwaard is very accurate and very humble .. thumbs up
Patricia T.
07:39 23 Nov 22
Master Edward gave me so much clarity on what my bazi is. Cane here to know how i could further progress in my career. He explained in very great detail on what i should and should not focus on at my current stage. There is just so much more great things to say about master and so many things that he taught which i’m thankful of. Glad i came here today for his help !!
Benedict O.
05:49 15 Nov 22
Master Liu is very patient & helpful.. He gave me rational answers & solutions.If you see my comment it’s time you consult him😁.
Thomas G.
15:51 11 Nov 22
Informative, practical, helpful and succinct. Shared a few laughs - very relatable master who makes you feel comfortable and comes off genuine in his guidance. Would recommend πŸ™‚
Ruth Jessie S.
02:50 10 Nov 22
Master Edwaard provides very insightful readings and gives very helpful and practical advice on how to approach life. he is honest with his words and willing to listen to your worries. he gives advice where there is merit and provides positivity.
Benjamin K.
13:21 09 Nov 22
Master was very clear and patient when he explained to me what are the areas to improve and watch out for, really appreciate that. I will follow his instructions and guidance throughout and see how it goes. Do call him if you are looking for advice.
Hezelle Q.
02:09 07 Nov 22
Edwaard is very friendly and make you feel at ease. He dont make the session very "spiritually". The reading is very accurate and he don't push you to buy any stuff..
winter T.
07:39 01 Nov 22
Master Edwaard is friendly and nice. My friend and I engaged him for his Bazi reading service. I can feel that he is genuine and sincere. No hard selling too. The price is reasonable in the market and I recommend for those who are interested in bazi reading analysis!
Jing Ting N.
15:45 15 Oct 22
Mr Edward was patient, relevant, informative, and generous with his knowledge. He shares without preaching, listens without judgement and yet inoffensively direct with his recommendations. And of course with this being a bazi rather than a general consultation, he exudes a confident yet understated aura which is different than other encounters in my opinion.
Sara T.
10:34 07 Oct 22
i've engaged Master Liu for his bazi service in July22. Originally I did not intend to write any review as i am just trying metaphysics out. Surprisingly, most of the prediction is accurate since then. Just confirmed my single happiness and a "double H" is coming soon. He is patience in listening to my issue and provided me great advice and recommendations to my problem. he mentioned that Taoism is not just simply devoted to god and praying, i start to study on it and start to understand the philosophy behind. Thanks Master Liu
Boston C.
14:25 03 Oct 22
Master Edwaard Liu is very professional and patient. He provided me with very good advice on the specific areas that I had questions on. He is very assuring and warmfeng shui master.
Christina T.
05:22 01 Oct 22
Master Liu is very professional, experience and friendly. He is always very patient & prompt in answering all my quires. I have engaged Master Liu for house selection, consultation & bazi services. Highly recommended !!
Louvre L.
01:54 05 Sep 22
Well detail and the readings are on point to what's happen right now and my planning in few years. I will definitely read up on the hdb moving tips on his blog. 👍🏻
sharon L.
05:54 04 Sep 22
The experience was professional and calm as Master Edwaard explained what to look out for each cycle and gave practical advice. Appreciated that he is not the sort of feng shui master who tries to scare clients by predicting doomsday news and then getting them to buy items (which I have met before). Thankful that he also spent some time to answer some question I had towards the end of the session. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much.
12:44 01 Sep 22
My 1st consulting services from Mr Edwarrd was fullfiling and enlightening. By reading my Ba zi and providing useful tips and it will be a big help in my future endeavour moments.
dav36 A.
11:54 01 Sep 22
I consulted Master Liu for the first time for Bazi reading. He will tell you current and future happenings in life cycle. Very patient and explained any single details until I fully understand. He even briefly tell me about my new house feng shui based on floor plan even though this is not in the parameter of Bazi reading. Very good master and not calculative. Will engage him for my new house feng shui audit and house cleansing.
Leow Siew W.
10:18 22 Aug 22
Very professional, punctual, polite , knowledgeable and friendly
Ann L.
14:10 19 Aug 22
I've engaged Master Liu for his bazi service. No doubt he is a very professional and caring master. He is very patience in listening to my issue and he provided me his utmost advice and recommendations to address my issue. He is very well versed in Buddhism matter. In short he is a very reliable fengsui master. Highly recommended. Thanks Master Liu
Meiyin L.
15:38 16 Aug 22
Not sure what happened to my previous post but Master Edwaard has been very professional and kind. He was able to clear my doubts and help me feel better about the future. The 12months forecast is very useful as I know what to look out for in each particular month. Thank you Master for your time and effort!
Xie W.
08:03 13 Aug 22
Master Edward is very sincere and kind. His bazi consultation made me confident about making decisions in the future. I highly recommend his service!
y h
05:50 05 Aug 22
Master Edwaard did my house fengshui audit and to be honest, the qi of the house is not very good as per Fengshui standard. Followed through the placement , materials, decoration and color scheme closely since I’m hacking and renovating the whole house.After the renovation, it felt like another house with lots of good vibes and positive energy.Master Edwaard advice was practical and he was patience with all my questions and alternative. He did not push for any products too and will advise me what to buy on my own instead.Thank you for blessing the whole house too.
Doris K.
12:20 28 Jul 22
Nice 👌 with details for our bright future direction ➡️
Mr B.
08:11 05 Jul 22
Master Edwaard is very specific in explaining my bazi to me and takes every effort to answer my questions. At least now i have a clearer vision and directions. Highly recommended! Thank you Master Edwaard!
Shuyu W.
07:49 05 Jul 22
Consulted Master Edwaard Liu on Bazi , he was accurate in readings on my present situation. He gave unpretentious and practical suggestions. He is up to date, friendly and approachable unlike some other Master who behaves they are above everyone. Highly recommended Master !
C Y.
08:38 02 Jul 22
Master Liu is very patient and professional, explaining the readings in a simple understandable manner. No pushy sales etc. Really thankful for giving very practical advice. Appreciate it greatly.
Amanda T.
07:58 30 Jun 22
Clear explanation. 👍🏻
Lincoln T.
08:28 29 Jun 22
Edwaard is very detailed and open in his approach to fengshui audit for my house. Very in-depth audit and help “cleanse” the house. Very different from the traditional fengshui I have come across. Will recommend him to those who need to boost their house energy and fengshui! Comprehensive audit which not just from the house perspective but also on person himself. 赞👍
Choongyong T.
07:42 28 Jun 22
Second year getting my yearly bazi reading from Master Edward. His reading for my past 1 year is pretty spot on, which is why I’m coming back for my next 1 year’s reading. Thanks Master Edward !
Claudia C.
09:01 22 Jun 22
Master Edwaard has been very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. My wife and I engaged him for both Feng Shui and BaZi consultation and we highly appreciate his advices and patience during the consultation and after.
S K.
10:06 21 Jun 22
Master Edwaard has been patient and sincere in listening and attending to my queries. Much appreciated, thank you!
03:46 20 Jun 22
Master Ewaard is very patient and friendly to our enquirers. Our business have improved and had recently engaged his service for the new year.
veronica L.
11:20 13 Jun 22
Had the opportunity to consult Master Edwward again today (2 years in a row). I am situated overseas and grateful that he can accommodate and do a Whatsapp video call. Extremely glad to gain more insights (strengths & weaknesses) on my life and my husband’s life. It was relatively true. Master Edwward gave me/us lots of advice and detailed analysis on what to look out for. There was also no hard selling of any fengshui ornaments. Overall, Master Edwward is friendly and nice to talk to, I would highly recommend him.
Sherlyn S.
03:33 24 May 22
Master Edwaard is very friendly and gives very detailed explanation on our Bazi. Makes us feels comfortable. Charges are very reasonable too. Highly recommended!
Jimmy S.
06:34 23 May 22
Very responsible make sure everything that I am concern with are been addressed before the session ends.
edward W.
05:46 20 May 22
Master Edwaard Liu has been very patient and helpful in answering all my questions. Both my hubby and I were very comfortable with him and he’s not pushy at all in promoting his products for the house fengshui. Great service and thanks for your help!
05:34 13 May 22
Patience in addressing concerns and not pushing for more sales
Randall W.
04:08 03 May 22
Master Liu is very friendly and willing to share. Thankful for his guidance
Siang Looi Ong (.
03:33 16 Apr 22
I have engaged many Feng Shui Masters in the past and seldom have i come across those that are worthy to go back for future consultation. Master Liu is definitely the 1st one that will come into my mind if i need any consultation. He is knowledgable and accurate in pointing out my sons character during the Bazi reading. His pricing is reasonable and most important, the advice i get is way more valuable than that. Thank you!
08:20 12 Apr 22
Master liu provides sound and detailed advices in a comprehensive and yet simplifed style. My first encounter with him but can feel that he is really sincere and humble.
01:47 06 Apr 22
Master Liu is a very friendly and humble person, made us feel comfortable speaking with him. Seem we have known him for years. πŸ™‚ He is also very patient and accommodating with our request of providing us with the analysis prior to the actual flat viewing due to construction delays. He is also very prompt in replying our countless questions and provide valuable advice on what are the stuff in harmonising the negative energy without spending a fortune on that. Thank you Master Liu for everything!!
Jace N.
05:30 29 Mar 22
Master Edward is very friendly and patience person who explained well for my Bazi reading. Will definitely recommend to my friends.
Giselle C.
10:45 23 Mar 22
I have been working with Edward for close to 7 years now! He is extremely accurate with his predictions and loves to help out; sometimes going beyond :)I love his energy and vibe. He is also a sincere person in general. Would def recommend his services to anyone who is on a spiritual search or who needs guidance in life! -Genie
G Eye S.
08:53 15 Mar 22
It’s my first time doing bazi consultation and Master Edward was rly patience with me. He answered my queries well and explained in detailed about the areas I were curious about. And allowing me to take down notes on the session to give me an overall idea how my future and present would be. Recommend others to seek his service.
Jas Y.
03:16 11 Mar 22
The Bazi reading is very detailed. Master Edwaard is patient in answering my issues. I will engage him again for fengshui services.
Drey L.
08:30 04 Mar 22
Happy to meet up with Master Edwaard.He had given me great advice on my children and my career. Thank you very much, Master Edward!
Jacelyn O.
04:50 01 Mar 22
Edwaard is a genuine and sincere. Have been engaging him for fengshui services in the past and he has been excellent in his advice and service. Highly recommended!
Jialing L.
06:27 26 Feb 22
Master share with me about my bazi and what are the positive and negative things in life I can focus on.
Karen K.
08:53 22 Feb 22
This is a very long overdue Review that I still want to share with everyone. I visited Master Liu in October. Master Liu is very welcoming and speaks to you like a friend or family member that is sincere and caring. He provided very detailed explanations, detailing from yearly to monthly information and outlook for me and my husband. My husband and I are very very impressed with the accuracy of Master Liu's forecasts. Thank you soooo much for your guidance, Master Liu. We will be back to see you soon.
Janet O.
08:39 22 Feb 22
Second time consulting Master Liu and overall experience has been pleasant so far. He shares his understanding and knowledge which i feel is insightful to help address the focus and concerns I have. Also, monthly reading is useful for me as it gives me an idea of what I can potentially expect and look out for.
04:13 19 Feb 22
Professional and friendly Feng Shui advisor. Gave useful information and was very patient with us!
yun Y.
08:25 18 Feb 22
Master Edward is patience in explaining the details to us.
06:35 18 Feb 22
Been visiting Edwaard for the past few years and definitely referred a lot of my friends to him as well. I like how Edwaard simplified the eight character reading which make it so easy to understand. Oh ya, Edwaard does house fengshui too which I strongly recommend as well.
Chernie K.
05:36 09 Feb 22
Master Liu is very friendly and knowledgeable. He answered our questions with patience and made us feel comfortable (feels like a chat with a friend). Master Liu also provided valuable and detailed advices to us. Thank you Master Liu.
Angela T.
11:34 08 Feb 22
Very fruitful experience. Should have consulted this Master first instead of other Masters that have many awards. Besides that, he is patience in answering every questions. Friendly chit chatting session. Great services. God bless
07:33 28 Jan 22
This is the second I seek for consultation from master Edward. I feel grateful for his guidance which actually helps improving my life.
leepin Y.
22:45 16 Jan 22
The master is spot on the issues which I have encountered over the past year. He has also given me advice and remedies on how to overcome these obstacles in future. I have waited for almost 2 months before I can meet him since his appointments are full.
Ng W.
09:47 06 Jan 22
Master Liu is very friendly and humble. He is very patient with my questions as well. Reasonable charges and he is bilingual too. ( good point for those who don’t speak mandarin )
M. L
06:53 06 Jan 22
I’ve engaged Master Edwaard’s service for house fengshui audit a few years ago and this year I went back to him for my new house audit again! Master Edwaard is very patient and offered detailed advices for us. I feel that he is a genuine and responsible fengshui master who is sincere in helping. Highly recommend!
Jia Xuan H.
12:20 16 Dec 21
Recommended by colleague.. master is patience and detailed of his reading… price is reasonable as compared to other competitors
Hui ling L.
10:31 16 Dec 21
Master Edwaard is very professional and knowledgeable. He gave my Bazi reading with a structured and detailed explanation of mine coming 12 months , 2 years, 5 years and 10 years situations..... Thereby letting me take note of my current and future life circumstances. Really Appreciate his professional advice to me. Definitely will recommend his service to friends who need Fengshui and Bazi reading .
Yin Loong L.
16:24 15 Dec 21
As long you have the money to match the market rate, it's easy to find many Masters.
But to find a trustworthy, compassion and genuine Master requires luck and fate.

With fate, I met Master Liu at the point I need to make important decision and direction on my career.

Master Liu provided me good advices and direction, going the extra mile knowing I'm here for career, he highlighted on more for instance health which is important.
Predications on character are accurate too.

I'm surprised Master Liu charge affordable fee and he does not even promote his products to me and he simply focus on helping me to better my life.

Thank you very much Master Liu.
Tranquillity H.
08:51 14 Dec 21
Master Liu is very friendly and patient . He is able to accurately tell me the kind of person I am through my bazi reading . He is also generous in sharing some of his knowledge regarding some issue with me . Will do a follow up with him yearly.
Dora K.
13:58 29 Nov 21
Appreciate your time and bazi analysis. Thank you for your insight!
Jessica S.
16:06 24 Nov 21
Edward Shifu was accurate on many fronts for me personally. He’s also provided some feedback that had been on my mind for long, great assurance and peace of mind after the reading. Highly recommend and book early - bazi waiting time was 2 months for me.
07:25 23 Nov 21
Very knowledgeable person and always eager to share his knowledge with his client. Very patient and also answers questions promptly whenever you text him through the phone! His fengshui consultation for homes is also very reasonably priced. His bazi reading is also very accurate, correctly pointing out my strengths and weaknesses and also giving me guidance on what i should be watching out for in my life. Highly recommend his service!
Dylan Z.
07:56 15 Nov 21
Engaged Edward for bazi reading and I must say he is knowledgeable in this area. His pricing is one of the more affordable ones and will provide you with comprehensive reading and address your concerns.
Shubing L.
05:21 09 Nov 21
Master Liu explain in a very patience and detail way and will also highlight the important things which you have to take note.
SLin N.
00:10 08 Nov 21
We engaged Master Edwaard for our bazi readings and house consultation. Sincere and accurate advices has been provided to us even post-consultation and great improvements have been seen. A truly good Fengshui Master that genuinely fork out his time and effort and blessings in helping you for the better.
Thank you Master Edwaard!~ πŸ™‚
Chch L.
02:50 30 Jul 20
I would like to share that Master Edwaard's Bazi Reading is very accurate! As before I go, I already have a 99.9% confirm plan on next year, after Master Edwaard's reading I am still thinking how can it be?! When that month came and just change everything and fall back into Master Edwaard's reading. From that point onwards, no regrets seeing him every year!!
Loretta Y.
16:25 29 Nov 19
I went to Mr Edwaard this morning and found what he said about my earlier life to be very accurate. He showed me my future trajectory and gave recommendations on where to go for spiritual healing. Thanks! 😀
Liz Chee Pui Y.
08:48 23 Jul 19
I engaged Edwaard for my house's Fengshui and after taking his advice, I can see positive changes and more opportunities in my life. His after-service is great and he is always sincere and willing to help whenever he can. He also provides a detailed Fengshui report which is easy to understand. He is greatly recommended if you are looking for a Fengshui Master who is sincere to help you in your life and well-being.
Zan L.
15:59 14 Jul 19
Master Edwaard is friendly and professional. He listens to your concerns and answer questions patiently. He will verify the readings with your past events. There is no scaring tactics and hard selling of feng shui ornaments. His forte is classical feng shui and bazi analysis. Would be more than happy to recommend him to my friends.
Paul P.
15:43 26 Apr 19
Master Edwaard Liu, using Bazi, is able to identify and inform me about my personalities, strengths and weaknesses. This helps me better understand myself to make more informed decisions and choices.
Besides that, Mr Liu is able to predict my life cycle and thus equips me with the knowledge to adjust my perspectives to have more realistic expectations when times are tough.
Other than that, he is willing to answer further questions and constantly shares with me relevant resources afterwards and such after-sales service makes it even more value-adding.
He is always well prepared, strives for the betterment of his clients' quality of life and, harnesses their potential for better well-being. I would highly recommend Mr Liu's service and appreciate his professional advice.
Zikun Z.
15:10 13 Apr 19
I would strongly recommend Edwaard’s services. He is very professional and helpful. I actually got to know Edwaard from my sister who had engaged him for her house’s Feng Shui analysis. I can see that things have been changing positively for the entire family since then.

Edwaard helped me when I was looking for a house and eventually did the Feng Shui for my new house too. He knows his stuff really well, on top of that he offers practical Feng Shui advice. I will not hesitate to recommend Edwaard’s services to anyone.
Mee Kim W.
11:01 05 Apr 19
Always a pleasure to speak to him. He gave practical advice based on his knowledge. πŸ™‚
Yang Siong N.
13:05 07 Mar 18
My family and I are very grateful to Edwaard. His friendly disposition puts you at ease and he patiently answers all your questions. His after sales service is impeccable. Our family has seen many positive changes. He genuinely cares for your well being. I highly recommend Edwaard�
Sharmila W.
08:06 11 Aug 17
Met up with Master Edward today, very insightful and detailed about my ba zhi reading.
Highly recommend him to get your readings done if you are doubtful about your directions in life and wish to have some assurance.
Eleana L.
13:02 12 Apr 16
Very good and accurate Ba Zi master. Really feels that he cares about you and your success. Will go back to him yearly πŸ™‚
Kelvin Lim Chuan M.
11:50 11 Nov 13
Highly recommended. Non biased view and very professional
Alastair L.
08:51 10 Sep 13


HDB, Condo and Office Feng Shui consultation process

Information required before Feng Shui Consultation Address or premise and contact number Floorplan (For HDB floorplans you can purchase it here) Birthday, birth time, gender and profession of occupants TOP date or year of premise (or year premise is constructed) Process of consultation For Feng Shui consultation, there will be 2 visits to the premise.
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Procedure for a Proper Feng Shui Consultation

Article by Singapore Feng Shui Master Edwaard Liu A) This is the general procedure for a Feng Shui audit of existing premises Measuring of Facing Angle – This is the most important part of the audit where accurate and meticulous reading of the house’s direction is taken. Different ranges of degrees give rise to different energy
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Feng Shui Testimonials

Edwaard has a natural way of making you really comfortable with his warmth and sincerity. Being a stubborn person and one who does not open up easily, I need someone who makes me feel at ease and who I can put my trust in. With Edwaard, it was easy. In both the Bazi and Feng
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