Free Bazi Readings?

Free Bazi Readings?

Article by Singapore Feng Shui Master Edwaard Liu

There are many website offering you free bazi reading; most of them are automated. Are they accurate? Can machine read and analysis BaZi accurately?

Bazi literally eight character, they characters are derived from a person’s birth year, month, day and hour.

For a beginner learning to read bazi, it is better to learn how to plot the chart by referring to the “Ten thousand year calendar” 万年历. I have tested some of the free and available software online to plot a Bazi chart and also the luck cycle. Some of them has errors, and gave the wrong Bazi charts, needless to say, the advice that comes from it is wrong.

For a proper face to face consultation with a real master, after a Bazi chart is plotted correctly, a qualified master will start with determining the element and also the category of the Bazi. It can be classified as Strong, Weak, or Special Category. Strong or Weak category does not means a person is strong or weak or has good or bad Bazi. It simply means the favourable elements from a strong and weak person is different and the way of reading the chart is different too.  For example a strong Fire person and a weak fire person has different favorable elements, a weak fire person requires more support from fire and wood elements, while a strong fire person needs to be balanced with earth and  metal elements.

To determine the category of a Bazi is one of the first steps before analysis it is also the most important step, if the category is classified wrongly, all the advice thereafter is wrong. To do this, the Feng Shui or Bazi Master must be very experience; in some cases, it is pretty straight forward, however, if a Bazi chart has elements that are quite balanced, it take great care and clarification of past events with the client to determine the correct category.The special category becomes even more complicated, in some chart, they do not fall under the usual weak or strong type. There is a special way to read this type of chart. Many beginner Bazi readers are not aware of this.

If automated software is able to plot a chart correctly, the main challenge comes when deciding the category a person falls in, strong, weak or special chart. Most automated software, simply skip this part and provide some generic advice, there are even some software that simply classified everyone as a weak chart! It is dangerous to follow the advice of the software instead of consulting a qualify master. In face to face or video consultation, it is a 2 way interaction, a master is able to predict past events and also give accurate analysis of a person’s personality and thereafter give analysis and advice of future events.

There are also some “master” advertising free bazi reading sessions, most of the people that went to them come back disappointed because generic advice are given and the session is mainly for the sales people to push products to the clients, they are usually not qualified masters.  There is no free lunch after all.  Many people had been pressured by other “masters” with scare tactics that misfortune will befall on them if they did not buy their very expensive “lucky” items. Some of them came to me for advice after feeling very unsettled,  to see if those said misfortune will happen to them or not, most of the time it is not like what the other “masters” said.

The price range of Bazi readings in the market can be quite different; some are very expensive while others are not. Are expensive Bazi readings more accurate? Not necessary, some “Masters” charge between $300 to $600 or more for a reading, but their clients ask for refund because they are not accurate. Many of those clients came to me for second opinion and told me what happened; they told me I should charge more for my consultation.  My rates have stayed the same after more than 10 years in the business; the reason is that, I want people to be able to afford my consultations and the same time, the fee should worth my effort and time too.

Is free bazi reading something you should try? If your friends are beginners at Bazi reading, why not help them by letting them read your Bazi for free, but take the thing they say with a pinch of salt. After all they are not experience Masters with thousands of hours of practice.

As for automated readings and analysis by software, will they ever be accurate? Looking at how A.I. progress, maybe one day it will happen, but not today.

Master Edwaard Liu had experience in Artificial Intelligence projects and works in as a Project Manager in a Software company before he became a  Feng Shui Master. He has a First Class Honors degree in Engineering. He holds a Masters degree in Computing from the National University of Singapore, he is also a renowned Feng Shui Master in Singapore with accreditation from International Feng Shui Association, he is also a member of the same association for many years. 

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