Mirrors and Feng Shui

Mirrors and Feng Shui

Article by Singapore Feng Shui Master Edwaard Liu

Mirrors mirrors on the wall,

not a good idea at the hall,

especially if it’s near the door.

Designers say it looks good for house that is small,

because they can’t feel energy at all.

Mirrors are popular in modern designs to make a place looks more spacious by reflection, creating an illusion of a bigger space.  Different Feng Shui “masters” has different take when it comes to using mirrors for a premise, some will recommend using mirrors in a favorable sector to double the positive effect. Some will recommend mirrors to reflect away the negative energy of a particular sector; while others say mirror can be use to pull energy. Some “masters” will recommend mirrors at the dining area to create abundance.

My recommendations for mirrors is to have them only in the toilet or bathrooms or hidden behind wardrobe doors (wardrobe with sliding doors can be fitted with pull out mirrors). Mirrors are to be kept hidden from view when not in use.

Mirrors reflect, what you see is the reflection and an illusion. It does not create abundance, it create an illusion of abundance, and illusion of space. People staying in a unit with big mirrors are sometime blinded by the illusions of what is real; it is very difficult to stay focus or at peace when surrounded by mirrors.

Mirrors reflect light, it the process it creates a barrier for Qi (地气) to circulate the house, if the mirror is facing the front door, Qi is blocked from entering a premise.  In one of the cases, the children of the occupants  do not like to come back to visit the old folks staying with such a set up. The male owner does not have good health and the female owner  does not sleep well at night.  After removing the mirror, cleansing the space of stagnant energy and activating the energy flow within the premise, the health of both occupants become better and the immediate feedback is that the woman owner sleeps better; slowly her relationship with people improves.  Some people have full length mirrors at the side of the door, so that they can check themselves before leaving the house, the effect is the same as having mirror facing the door, energies are blocked from entering such premise, it will be better to have the mirror kept behind the shoe cabinet doors.

If a big mirror is at the living room, Qi is usually blocked from entering the rooms. Without energy circulation in a premise, people get agitated easily and feel restless and some people do not like going home. Lacking of Qi in a premise results in not just relationship issues, it also affects health and wealth.  Mirrors can be covered by decals of nice designs; the place can still look elegant without having the illusions of extra space.  There are cases where the big mirror are required because occupants wants to practice dancing, it that case, it is recommended to have curtains that can be drawn after use to cover the curtains.

Some people will argue that not much has been said about mirrors in ancient Feng Shui text, so these may not be true. The reason mirrors are not mention much in ancient text is because during those days they do not have the technology to create big modern mirrors, they use flatten copper or bronze and polish it so that it creates reflections. These mirrors are kept in the drawer after use; it is not display openly like modern times. A true and well trained Feng Shui Master must not only know the ancient text and apply to modern context too,  a qualified master must also be able to feel energies and know how it move and flow, so that he will not be limited by only the examples he read from books.

 Mirrors in the bedroom affect relationship and health. People do not feel rested if the mirrors are facing the bed, couple tends to have more arguments too. Not only mirrors have this effect, TV or glossy glass cabinet have the same effect. In hotel rooms, it is very common that mirrors are facing the bed, use a towel to cover the mirror if you want to rest well.

Ba Gua mirrors use in Feng Shui and Taoist rituals. At the front of the house, sometimes people hang Ba Gua mirrors to protect the house from negative energies. There are 3 different types of Ba Gua mirrors, flat mirror, convex mirror and concave mirror. Flat mirror reflect the same amount of energy sent to it. Convex mirror deflect energy and send it to all directions so that it will not harm anyone. Concave mirrors gather energy from all directions send it back in a straight line to the opposite direction and this is the most harmful type of mirror. Mirrors like this needs to be consecrated to have effect, if your neighbour bought a Ba Gua mirror online and have it hang opposite to your unit, it may not have any harmful effect; but if the Ba Gua Mirror is consecrated with negative intention using a concave mirror, than it will be important to protect your own space. It is important to engage someone qualified to protect your space without having the mentality to fight; else it will just escalate into never ending conflicts. In many cases, people do it out of ignorance after reading some baseless DIY books or articles; they do not have the negative intention in the first place, all they wanted is to protect their home with some off the shelf items.

If you are not sure if the mirrors in your house are giving you problems or if your neighbour’s Ba Gua mirror is give you problems, do engage us to take a look at your premise and give you proper advice to improve the situation.


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