Blessed Auspicious Treasures

Blessed Auspicious Treasures

The auspicious items below from us are blessed and consecrated.

Dzogchen Treasure Pagoda财富宝塔

  • Gather energies from 4 directions, Improve wealth matters.
  • Protection of space and improve Feng Shui energies.
  • Avert disasters, Improve luck.
  • Accumulations of good merits, increase wealth, advancement in career and attract auspiciousness.
  • Improve wisdom and improve romance luck.
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Big Dzogchen Prosperity Pagoda (plated with 22k gold) is 29cm tall with wooden base – $888

Small Dzogchen Prosperity Pagoda (plated with 22k gold) is 9cm tall – $298

Small Dzogchen Prosperity Pagoda (plated with 18k gold) is 9cm tall – $198

Heaven and human unity crystal ball 天人合一水晶球

Heaven and Human Crystal Ball
  • Harness positive heavenly and earthly energies.
  • Resonate with the nine great meridians of Earth.
  • Resonate with the pineal gland and improve mindfulness and awareness.
  • Upgrade Feng Shui energy to improve wealth, prosperity and auspiciousness.
  • Emits positive energy for the environment.
  • Calm emotions and increase joyfulness.

$200 without stand

Vajrasattva Heart Vajra (six sided) 金刚萨埵心杵 

  • Gold plated 6 sided Vajra.
  • Gather energy from all 8 directions to the user’s energy centre.
  • Gather energy from all 8 directions within a home or office.
  • Symbolize invincibility and infinite in wisdom and awareness/consciousness.
  • Eliminate worries and obstacles in the spiritual path.
  • Protect home or office from negative influences.


Wen Chang Pagoda文昌塔

Wen Chang Pagoda
  • A sacred item to connect with God of Culture and Literature, 文昌帝君Wen Chang Di Jun
  • When it is placed at the study table, it will improve the thought process and promotes metal agility.
  • If it is placed at the work desk it will improve work efficiency, productivity.


“Ah” Syllable Crystal ball  阿字水晶球

“AH” Syllable Crystal Ball
  • Protect the space from negativity.
  • Improve in healing and health matters.
  • Protect people against negativity energies.
  • Improve energy circulation and resonate with the chakras.


Cross Vajra pendant 十字金刚杵

Cross Vajra Pendant
  • Gather energy towards self.
  • Help in spiritual practices and protection.
  • Improve energy and energy circulation.


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