Understanding how Feng Shui  “Qi” energies flow.

Understanding how Feng Shui “Qi” energies flow.

Article by Singapore Feng Shui Master Edwaard Liu

Feng Shui is about 气 qi or energy flow, Feng Shui  energy behave and flow like wind and water. For energy to flow and circulate freely within a premise, it must not be blocked. 

One of the common questions I get during Feng Shui consultation is this, “Master, there is some space here, what should we put or display here?” 

If there are space in a premise,  let there be space, a premise must be grand and look grand, so that energy will be able to flow smoothly and gather. The feeling of walking into a spacious hall and a clutter space are totally different, that is because the energy at these space are different. So do not feel the need to put something wherever there is space; instead, let energy flow freely and gather. Remove unnecessary things from your space, things that are not working anymore or things that are not needed, disposed them, give them away or store them in the store room. When energy is free to flow in a premise and instead of being trapped or stagnant, it will have positive effect on the people staying in it. What is external is a reflection of what is internal; an organized and clean place makes people think more clearly, hoarders usually have a lot of things in their mind. Make time to regularly clear your space, things gather over time.

When you clear your clutters, do not forget about the walkway or space leading to your premise. Some people like to store their bicycles, gardening tools, flowerpots, brooms, shoe cabinets near the door. The energy inside your house comes through the door, and if there are things blocking the flow to your door, it affects the energy inside the house. When you purchase a unit, if you have to pass by your neighour’s unit before reaching yours, it is also good to check out the neighbors to see if they are neat and clean with the area outside their doors.

The use of partitions in a house must be considered carefully.  Some landed houses that do not have any obstruction in front of the door, when there are strong winds energies will be dispersed in the house and does not gather. In some cases, the main door is facing a straight road and energy “clashes” with the main door, in such cases, partition maybe necessary. For people staying in high rise apartments or HDB flats, the higher the unit the less earth energy  地气 there is; if there is a partition near the main door, it blocks and further restrict the already limited earth energy.

The front of a house or office is 明堂bright hall, it is a place for energy to start gathering, if that area is blocked by a partition, it is also limiting the energy that can gather before flowing into the unit or office. Partitions are sometimes used to redirect energies away from places like pantry, kitchens or toilet. One must take into careful considerations before using partitions.

It is common for new condo units to have metal grills in the balcony, when the glass door leading to the balcony is open, energy leaks out of the unit through the metal grills. When energy is not retained in a unit, it will have an effect, health and wealth.  Unlike older condo units, the balcony are surrounded by concrete, energy can still retain in the house as there are no holes for it to leak out. Fortunately there are ways to resolve the issues of energy leaking through the metal grills.

For landed properties, most of them have back doors, it is best the front and back door are not alighted. The back door must also not be open all the time; else, energy will just flow straight through and will not retain in the house, let alone travel to the upper level of the house. It is common for modern houses to have full glass panel doors at many sides of the house. Energy flows in not just from the main door, it flows in from all directions and also flows out from all directions too. If the house is surrounded by concrete fences or glass walls without gap, energy still flows back into the house.  But if there are no solid walls, energy leak out of the house easily affecting health and wealth. Fortunately there are also ways of manipulating and retaining energy within a premise.

Roads and Feng Shui

Fast moving roads (virtual water), or fast moving rivers or canals are known as 无情水heartless water.  Energies in areas near these fast moving roads or water bodies are being sucked away with the flow. It does not retain any energy; therefore they are known as heatless water. Units that are near these real or virtual water do not have much energy left to enter the unit, and they are therefore not good for Feng Shui. Some people says that staying at the upper levels that are far from these features are less affected by them, unfortunately it is not true ; because energies from the upper floors come from the ground level too. If the energy on ground is weak, it will affect the energy of the whole block.

Furniture placement is very important in a premise, especially large furniture like sofa, dining tables, beds and cabinets. How you place them do affect the energy flow in a premise. Large L shape sofa are popular nowadays, the shape however traps or block energy and prevent smooth energy flows within a premise. A good Feng Shui master will be able to advise, the good placements of furniture and also the type that is suitable for the premise.

Crystals do influence the energy flow within the premise in your house, especially crystal geodes. “Qi” energy is attracted to crystals, and if they are big enough, crystals affect the flow of energy within a premise. If large crystals are placed at the wrong location, it will cause energy to be to be stagnant. If the crystal is placed properly, it will improve the energy within a premise improving wealth, health and harmony for the occupants. Amethyst quartz geodes are known for bringing peace and tranquility to the area it is placed. The deep purple colour also resonates to the life force energy 紫炁 。Many condo and HDB units have main door very near to the kitchen, we do not want energy to enter the kitchen first before moving to the rest of the area in a premise, amethyst geode is a very effective way of attracting energy away from the kitchen and towards it and then to the other areas in the house. The angle that the crystal is placed is also important to maximize the flow.  

Fountains and plants do have the effect of attracting and changing the flow of energy in a premise. When it comes to fountain, it must be handle with great care, not only does it attracts energy, it activate energy too, if it is placed at a sector that has bad energies, it will result in bad things happening within the premise.

Plants or trees inside or outside a house affect the energy in the house, I have written an article solely for plants and their effect on Feng Shui.

A good Feng Shui master must be someone that is properly trained; it is important for a Feng Shui master to do a proper survey at the environment surrounding the premise and also feel the energy flow within the premise. A good Feng Shui master should be able to tell what goes on in a premise even before taking out his/her compass to measure the angle and plot the energy chart of the house


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