Finding a seat  in your office with good Feng Shui

Finding a seat in your office with good Feng Shui

Article by Singapore Feng Shui Master Edwaard Liu

Finding a seat with good Feng Shui is important, it affects the overall productiveness and wellbeing of the person sitting there.  In this article I share some of the tips for seat selection within an office.

Do not sit with your back against the window, back should always be against a flat wall for the person to have support from people. When a person is sitting back against the window, support will be limited and also it is also distracting when light comes from the back to your work space. If possible select another seat, if that is not possible; one way to minimize the negative effect is to have a heavy curtain always covering the window behind your back. You can also place a closed cabinet higher than your head when you are sitting down, against the window.

Do not sit under beams, beams are supporting structures for the building, it bears the weight of the building. When sitting under beams, people tends to feel very stress and also may causes headache or illnesses to the head.  Find a seat that does not has any beams above where you are sitting.

Watch out for pillars too when you are finding a seat. You should not be facing or back against the sharp edges of pillars, it carries bad energies.  The sharp edges can however be covered by plants or furniture for it not to have bad effects.

If you are sitting back against a common walk path for your colleagues, you are more likely to feel insecure. The spine carries many nerves, and people tend to feel insecure when their spine is exposed for fear of being attacked from behind.  This is a natural behavior we carry with us, we generally don’t expose our spine to strangers or unknown. If a person is insecure, he or she will be unable to work effectively. From Feng Shui perspective, the back of where you are sitting should be like a mountain, stable and calm, preferable against a solid wall. If that is not available, support from a partition is still better than not getting any support.

Do not sit near the toilet; because toilet has unclean energy, it is likely to affect health, especially if the toilet is dirty.  Always keep the toilet door close after use and toilet has to be clean to minimize germs and bacteria from spreading.

Sitting near the pantry is also not a good idea, if the pantry has stove or oven, the energy tends to be fiery together with lots of movements at the pantry results in restlessness and bad temper.

Where you are sitting must not be a place with lots of clutter, cluttering causes energy not to flow effectively within a premise, it will affect you if you are sitting at a messy place.

Do not sit next to common rubbish bin in your office; dirty places do not have good energy. Either move your seat or move the rubbish bin to a more discrete place.

If the cubicle that you are sitting in is too small, energy will not circulate well in the cubicle, it may lead to feeling tired and being unproductive . If within a partitioned area too many people shared the same space, Yang energy is too strong and it likely to result in disharmony and dispute.

These are some simple tips for you when finding a good place to sit, however the overall Feng Shui energy for your office is important; at different sectors of the office, there will be different energies. These energies are also very important factors to consider when selecting your sitting position. If you are designing seating arrangements for your office, or if you have choice where to sit but are not sure and you need professional help, you can contact us.

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