Selecting condo with good Feng Shui

Selecting condo with good Feng Shui

Article by Singapore Feng Shui Master Edwaard Liu

There are some factors to consider when selecting condo with good Feng Shui, earlier I wrote 2 articles about selecting new HDB flats, which is very much applicable to selecting condo too. You can find the articles here internal layout consideration and external factors.

In addition to these points, there are additional things to consider when selecting condo. For some condominiums development, developers try to squeeze in as many blocks and units as possible.  If the blocks are very near each other, do check that there is enough natural lighting that enters your unit. Some units that have windows that are facing the south or north direction, if the units are at lower levels, the sunlight maybe blocked by opposite blocks and light do not enter. If the unit is too dark it is likely to affect mental health and unmarried people have difficulty to find a mate.

Most condo have underground carpark, for units that is directly above the carpark, energy will be unstable, as there are always movement , it may result in restlessness for the occupants. It is best not to stay at this level or not just above the carpark.

One of the common facilities for condo are swimming pools, energy tends to gather where there are moving water. Too much water at the wrong place with respect to the facing of your unit may result in negative energies being activated. When children play at the pool, they may also shout and scream creating noise that may also affect the energy nearby.

Some condo units have full length glass windows, if the opposite block is too close to you, it may reflect sunlight into your unit, and this light reflection of light creates bad energy for your unit. It is good to take note of the direction of your building and the building opposite your block to see if this effect comes to play, sometimes it only affects certain months.

The common corridor from the lift leading to the main door of your unit should not be too narrow, some condo are small your neighbors may put their bicycles, shoe rack, baby pram or shoes outside their unit, this will affect the energy flowing into your premises. 

Some condo units are above shopping centres, as the shopping centres are places with lots of activities going on, people staying in such units tends to be more restless too and easily agitated. If health is a concern, it is usually not recommended to stay in such units.

Many smaller units or studio apartments have open concept kitchens, the stove is a fiery place, it is not recommended to have an open concept kitchen because it may result in health issues and also disharmony among family members.

Some units are small and may not have an area big enough for dinning, for young couple they may not think this is important; until the arrival of their babies they may want a dinning place to feed their young, in the process the area become cramp. A place that is too narrow and does not have enough place for energy to flow and gather will affect wealth, health and harmony.

Here are only some of the things to note when choosing your condo, do let us know if you need professional advice to check on more advance Feng Shui matters regarding your unit.

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