Select BTO HDB with good Feng Shui (external)

Select BTO HDB with good Feng Shui (external)

Article by Singapore Feng Shui Master Edwaard Liu

Getting a new HDB flat for anyone is an exciting time, but for BTO (build to order)  how do you know if the Feng Shui is good even before the flats are build? What are the things to take note based on the information you are given?

For this article we will focus on the external factors that may influence the Feng Shui of your HDB flat. The information available to you will be the site map and also floor plan of the units, with these you can already look out for some of the potential issues in Feng Shui. 

First of all, do not select a premise that was an ex-cemetery or near to cemetery for obvious reasons. If you will like to find out more why ex-cemetery or cemetery is not suitable for humans to stay , I will be writing an article about this soon.

Premises that are near MRT stations are generally more popular, because it is convenient, it also tends to fetch better price when you sell or rent it later. However a unit should not be too close to the MRT station or MRT tracks. The screeching sounds of the track causes bad energies. It also carrying negative energy to the building facing it, especially of the track is at the same height or taller than your unit.  

Take a look at roads, river or canals near your flat or estate. In the picture you can see 2 buildings. Building B is within the curvature of the road, it is like the road is hugging the building. In this case when there is traffic or moving water, the energy will be gathered at where building B is, this is generally a better location. Whereas for Building A, it is where energy is dispersed and has negative energies also known as poison arrows.

Effects of curved road or canel on Feng Shui

For most of the new clusters of HDB buildings there are usually 2 playgrounds. Playgrounds are good for children because we when we stay at high rise buildings, the earth energy (地气)becomes weaker the higher we goes, children and old folks should come down to the ground level to connect with the earth energies often and not just stay at home all day, so that it is good for their development and health.  However, if your unit is too near to the playground, then it is prone to noise pollution because children will be screaming and playing and making noise, noise pollution unfortunately produces bad energies for units nearby.

For the same reason, a unit should not be too close to a hawker centre or market, because of noise pollution. In addition to that, a premise being too close to a busy place, tends to have restless energies, and occupants do not rest well and are easily agitated.

Is your unit near the rubbish disposal chute or the rubbish collection centre? If your unit is located at low levels, when the rubbish truck comes and collect the rubbish, there will be very bad smell, these in Feng Shui perspective, affects your Feng Shui. If the occupants of a unit needs to past by a common rubbish disposal chute before reaching their unit, they will also bring along the bad energies of the rubbish chute to their unit.

 Regarding temples and places of worship, it is not ideal to stay to near to them because, energy near them are Yang in general if the place is blessed or consecrated properly, in comparison the units near them are more Yin, this will result in health and relationship issues. If a place of worship is not blessed or consecrated properly, it will have Yin energy; and unit near them will also be Yin and therefore not suitable for stay too.

In summary, these are some of the things you should know about Feng Shui before deciding where to choose for your BTO HDB flat; base on external factors; these however are not to only thing to consider.

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