Select BTO HDB with good Feng Shui (Internal layout)

Select BTO HDB with good Feng Shui (Internal layout)

Article by Singapore Feng Shui Master Edwaard Liu

Earlier I wrote an article that focus on the external factors that may influence the Feng Shui of your HDB flat. For this article, we will look at what are the factors to consider when buying your BTO HDB flat. Looking at the floor plan provided, we will be able to identify potential Feng Shui merits or issues.   

The area in front of your main door is known as the bright hall (明堂) It should be spacious for it to gather energy, it should be bright with natural lighting to allow good Yang energy to gather. Looking at the floor plan of your level, you will be able to tell if it is blocked by walls or your neighbour unit.

We prefer the main door of your unit not facing your neighbour’s main door directly, because there will be an interchange of energy between both units; if it is very near to each other, the chances of having disagreement with your neighbor is high. It is not advisable to choose such unit.

Make sure the front door of your unit is not facing any sharp corner of walls.  These carry disruptive energies into your unit and results in negative impact.

If the main door is facing the kitchen door, energy will travel from your main door straight into the kitchen, the energies in the house will be fiery and results in disharmony and health issues. Units with kitchen door very near to the main door; but not facing kitchen doors directly, will have such issues too, but there are ways to pull energy away to prevent energy from main door entering kitchen first.

Is the toilet located at the centre of the unit? Sometimes it is not that obvious, looking at the floor plan, Here is what you can do, draw a box to include your own unit, then divide it into nine equal parts as show in the diagram,  if the toilet is at the centre of the unit, it may affects accumulation of wealth and also fertility.

Toilet located at centre of unit

Is the main door straight or is it tilted at an angle with respect to the wall of your unit? For HDB, tilted doors are rare; it is more common for Condominiums.  If the main door is tilted at an angle, the energy entering the premise is not “pure” it may have an impact in all aspect. It is best not to choose such a premise.

It is best for the unit to have a square or rectangle shape, so that energy is more evenly spread throughout the premise and it can retain energy better. Odd shape unit may not retain energy well and result in stagnant energy.

If a premise has large missing sectors, it will likely affect some members of the family staying in the premise. For example if the Northwest sector of the house is missing it is likely to affect the father or head of the family. It is better to have a regular share without or very minimal missing corners or sectors.

Higher units usually fetch better resale price, it is also more quiet compare to lower levels. However, as you goes higher, the “地气” energy from the ground is weaker. It may affect health especially for occupants like babies or elderly that stay in the flat and does not come to the ground floor often. We can however use plants to enhance energies coming into the unit.

In summary, these are some simple things you can consider when you get your layouts to your BTO flats.  You can also read our articles on external factors that may influence the Feng Shui of your HDB flat if you have not done so.

Do let us know if you need professional help to determine if the Feng Shui of the house is suitable for you, there are other consideration base on the energy calculation for your premise.

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