Feng Shui Consultation Testimonial – Master Edwaard Liu


Edwaard has a natural way of making you really comfortable with his warmth and sincerity.

Being a stubborn person and one who does not open up easily, I need someone who makes me feel at ease and who I can put my trust in. With Edwaard, it was easy.

In both the Bazi and fengshui sessions, there was no condescending attitude that seems prevalent in fengshui and fortune tellers, and no scare tactics either, of course.

He also has a very down-to-earth sensibility, and always gave the best advice possible – to make positive changes with the least cost and trouble.

Really thankful for the advice he gave! Even after the sessions were over, I texted him on several occasions when I had questions, and he always responded very warmly!

Ms Huang

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Feng Shui Tips – Bedroom – Singapore Feng Shui Master

Feng Shui Tips – Bedroom by Singapore Feng Shui Master

In bedrooms’ Feng Shui, a number of items need to be considered:

1) The quality of bedroom’s door energy

2) The energy of the bedrooms’ location

3) The window’s location and the portion of windows to be opened

4) The color of the room’s wall, floor and lighting.

5) The location of bed, especially the headboard

6) The location of the aircon, fan and television

7) The birth data of occupants to check on the suitability of their occupancy in the room and arrangement of beds

8) The location of cabinets and tall furniture

There are more items to consider but the above items are most important to be dealt with. The importance of the bedroom’s energy cannot be over emphasized due to the long hours we spend in the room.

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Feng shui Tips -Aircon, Fan and Television placement & location – Singapore FengShui Master

Feng shui Tips -Aircon, Fan and Television placement & location by Singapore FengShui Master.

These are common electrical appliances in a family, and what are the implications of these appliances on Feng Shui of the premises? The locations of the aircon outlet and Fan are very important, as it will activate the energy around that area. Whether the outcome is good or bad, it will depend on the energy of the sector it is placed at.  If the fan or aircon outlet is blowing from a good sector, it will transfer good energy to other sectors. If on the other hand,when it is placed at the bad sector, it will transfer bad energy to the other sectors. Therefore, locations of these are very important.

Another common appliance is the television.  Nowadays, it is very common not only to have a TV in the living room but most families have television sets in their bedrooms too. Since this is a device that is commonly used, its impact on Feng Shui is also very important. TV is of fire element,

Just to recap what I mentioned earlier,  from now till 2023 the wealth elements from flying stars are 8,9,1 which is earth, fire and water elements respectively.

If you understand how elements react to each other,
fire produces  earth energy (strengthens star 8 )
fire  strengthens  fire energy ( star 9 becomes stronger)
fire being attacked by water energy ( star 1 becomes weak)

If the TV is placed at the right location, it may boost wealth. Having said that, there are also other bad sectors like 5 yellow(wu huang) , 3 killing (san sha) and grand duke (tai sui). If the television is placed on these bad sectors, bad luck and business, conflicts, health issues, or even poor relationship issues may occur. Placing the TV at any location may not have any serious effect on luck, watching it does! Only when a TV, aircon and fan is on, it will activate the energy at that sector. Be careful of the influence of electro- magnetic wave’s on the human body. It is good to seek professional advice on which location is good for you, for all you know, you might be losing wealth or activating unfavourable energies while you are watching your TV programs!

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Bedroom Feng Shui Tips – Singapore Feng Shui Master


Bedroom Feng Shui Tips  by Singapore Feng Shui Master.

Our bed is one place where we spend much time on. Therefore it is an important piece of furniture in bed room Feng Shui. The head or side of the bed should rest firmly on a wall while the rear end of the bed should have a clear space and kept tidy and clean. This will affect the accumulation of wealth.  It is also important not to have beams over the bed. It will create unnecessary stress and worries for people sleeping in such a bed.

Earlier we mentioned in an article regarding mirrors, if you have mirrors in front of your bed, very likely you and your spouse will argue often. It is also very likely that you will feel tired sleeping with a mirror facing you. The most inappropriate location of placing mirror is at the tailboard end of the bed directly facing the leg and head. Besides, it will make our energy and luck cycle unstable.

Care should be taken that the bed, especially the headboard, should not be too close to sources of strong electro-magnetic waves.

The location and the direction of the bed are crucial and are to be assessed with the birth data of the occupants and together with the energy at that sector.

In a bedroom, it is strongly advisable to close the toilet door to avoid the negative energy in the toilet, at certain timeframe, to disturb the room.

Care must be taken to treat the room’s door energy which will have a great influence on the room’s occupants.

The locations of the aircon, fan, and television are to be located at the auspicious sectors of the room.  As such gadgets are usually operated over long hours in the rooms; the energies activated by them will be significant after a period of time. We would rather use them to activate the auspicious health/Wealth energies.

In a bedroom, green color schemes must be used carefully. If used at the wrong place or wrong time, it may bring unwholesome effect to the mental aspect and feet. There are cases whereby the occupant’s leg, feet problems are relieved after removing the plants or the inappropriate green color scheme used in the house.

It is also unfavorable to have hang-down lighting from the ceiling pointing at any part of our body. This lighting, when coupled with some negative energy at certain times, may cause health problem to the part of the body where the lighting is pointed to. The color of the lighting is important too for health issue. Sometimes, lightings with red color can be used to boost romance or induce positive effect to a pregnant woman. Sometime, white lighting is preferred to remedy illness issues.

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