Five elements in Feng Shui Cures – Singapore FengShui Master

 Five elements in Feng Shui Cures by Singapore Feng Shui Master

Metal : White color, round shape, metallic display, metallic sound(wind chimes).

Wood : Green color, long and vertical objects, plant with leaves  and  stem.

Water : Blue, Black, Grey color, curve object, a container with non moving water, water feature, fish tank

Fire : Red, Pink, Violet color, triangular shape, lighting, electrical appliances, burning candle

Earth : Yellow, Brown color, Square or Rectangle shape, porcelain objects, soil

Traditional Feng Shui Grandmasters used the five elements to activate favorable energies and cure unfavorable energies. It is important to identify correctly the type of energy in each sector so that the right type of element can be used. Sometimes, two or more elements in varying quantities  and size are needed. It is also crucial to judge whether to use the strong or weak version of a particular element.

For example, we can use a piece of red color paper as “weak fire” element and a lamp with red cover as “strong fire” element. These elements, if used correctly at the right area with the application of other techniques can help to boost and circulate good energy throughout the house.

It is important to note that activation or curing ofthe energies at various sectors is critical but it is still not enough. It is even more crucial to be able to contain or remove the bad energy and circulate good energy. Therefore, if the wealth energy is well circulated in the premise, then many sectors will become “wealth sector/” and not just restricted to a particular sector.

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Feng Shui Tips -Kitchen, Sink and Stove – Singapore FengShui Master


Feng Shui Tips -Kitchen, Sink and Stove  by Singapore FengShui Master.

If the energy of the kitchen is favorable, it is beneficial to open the kitchen door to enable the flow of good energy to other sectors of the house. Conversely, the kitchen door is to be closed. The stove and sink locations are important, however, many people are too concerned that if the sink is located beside the stove, disharmony of water and fire energy may result. The location of the sink should be related to the energy chart and not just simply assume that the sink should not be placed next to or opposite the stove.

If the “fire” energy in the kitchen is too excessive, care must be taken to neutralize this excessive element. It is important  always to keep the toilet door in the kitchen to be closed all the times so that any negative energy in the toilet does not complicate the energy of the kitchen.

It is also important to take note of the which portion of the kitchen window is auspicious and has to be opened , last but not least the kitchen’s color scheme must also be taken into consideration.

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Feng Shui Tips – Plants and wood elements – Singapore FengShui Master


Feng Shui Tips – Plants and wood elements by Singapore Feng Shui Master

Mentioned in earlier post, in period 8 (year 2004 to 2023), wealth elements are stars 8,9 and 1

star 8 = earth element
star 9= fire element
star 1 = water element

Wood element attacks the wealth Star 8 , earth element (bad for wealth)
wood element supports the wealth Star 9 , fire element (good for wealth)
Wood element weakens the wealth Star 1 , water element (bad for wealth)

There is a high possibility of putting plants at the wrong locations in the premise, and if this happen, it will affect your wealth energy. Therefore, it is still safer not to have too many plants or wood elements around the house, especially closed to door and window openings. Sometimes there is no choice as most furniture is made of wood, but plants are stronger wood energy. Sometimes, the green colour scheme or plants at the wrong place may lead to leg, foot problems and surgical issues.

Wooden wind chime has strong wood energy. If you realize that your wealth is affected negatively after you hang one at your window, we advise you to take it down. Another point to note, dead/dried flowers or withering  plants/trees are very bad for FengShui.

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Feng Shui Tips -Wind Chimes and Bells- Singapore Feng Shui Master

Feng Shui Tips -Wind Chimes and Bells by Singapore Feng Shui Master

Sometimes metallic bells and wind chimes are place at the door to create awareness when someone open the door. This is very common especially for shops. You will need to be very careful of metallic bells and chimes. Sounds from them are strong metal elements. although it is very effective in weakening bad energies like 5 yellow(Wu Huang) that causes bad and negative things to happen. It may affect your wealth if placed wrongly.

First of all from now till 2023 the wealth elements from flying stars are 8,9,1 which is earth, fire and water.

It is good for you to understand how elements react to each other,

metal drains  earth energy (weaken 8 )
fire  attacks metal energy ( 9 becomes weaker)
metal produces water energy ( 1 become stronger)

If your door is capturing wealth star 8 and 9, having a metallic bell in front will weaken your wealth. However if you door is having wealth star 1 then it might be good to have the metallic bells . If after placing the bell and your business become worse, it is advisable to take it down.

Besides, metallic bells or wind chimes, if sounded and placed at wrong place, may lead to bad dreams.

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