Time Factor in Feng Shui

Time Factor in Feng Shui

Article by Singapore Feng Shui Master Edwaard Liu

Time is an important factor in Feng Shui audit. The essence of Feng Shui is to choose the best land to reside for well-being under a specific time frame. For the same house with environmental factors remaining unchanged, it will experience different Feng Shui energy going through a period of time frame.

It is meaningless to talk on Feng Shui without incorporating the time factors. For example, we need to know when the good and bad energies arrives, leaves or sustain. We will also want to know the favorable period to stay within a premise.

Feng Shui energy changes every 2 hourly, daily, monthly and yearly basis. For example, a home may be experiencing overall good Feng Shui Energy for the first two years and then experience bad energy for the third year. On the fourth year, the energy may be back to normal. This is the result of by the year’s changing energy.

By incorporating the energies corresponding to the time factor, we are able to tell past and predict the future occurrences. For example, we are able to predict the months when businesses in a premise are good or bad, or if potential health issues of the occupants  will arise.

We can anticipate when  the wealth energy is residing in our premise and to take the opportunity to harness it.  Likewise, we are able to take precaution to suppress the bad energy.

If a house is constructed according to sound Feng Shui principles its “immune system” is very strong and and is able to withstand the changing monthly and yearly energies. Conversely, if the house’s “immune system” is weak, it will be appropriate to make necessary adjustments on yearly basis.

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