Feng Shui FAQ

Feng Shui FAQ

If a person is already doing well, does he need Feng Shui?

Some people may be doing well for a few years and suddenly suffer in some areas in the subsequent years. Assuming that there is no change in environmental factors, one likely reason can be attributed to the change in ‘year’ energy which is now being ‘unfavorable’ at some important areas of our house. This energy is subject to change on a ‘yearly’ basis in various sectors of our premises. If the house or premises was originally constructed according to sound Feng Shui principles and assuming that there is no major change in environmental factors over the years, the ‘immune system’ of the house or premises will be relatively strong to resist the ‘viruses’ ( The inclusion of unfavorable ‘Year’ and ‘’Month’s’’ energy). Otherwise, it would be advisable to fine-tune and address the changes yearly due to the impact of ‘year’ energy to support and enhance our luck cycle.

Is Symbolic Auspicious items necessary?

In Classical Feng Shui, there is no need to deal with Symbolic Auspicious items. It is the choice of the Master to include the use of Symbolic Auspicious items in the audit. The emphasis of Classical Feng Shui includes the dealing of the Location, Direction, Time Factors, the study of the Environmental Forms ( Inside and outside the house and premises such as Mountains -virtual mountain in the city, Water -virtual water bodies in the city, Terrain, Pathways), Intricate Formulae to calculate energies and the use of the Five Elements to fine-tune energies. It is a comprehensive system that studies the interaction of complex formulaic calculations and Forms.

Why is it important to consult a Feng Shui Master before a renovation?

Major renovations would renew the energies of the premise during certain time periods. The renewed energies may take a turn for the better or worse in certain key locations of the office building or house. Therefore, it is critical to understand whether the energy of the premise would be modified and the implications should the energy be modified upon renovation. An assessment on the pros and cons is necessary so a decision whether it is worthwhile to renovate can be made. Please take note that once the energy is modified, it is irreversible.

What information is required before a Feng Shui Consultation?

  • 2 x Layout plan of the premise
  • Birthday and time, gender and occupations of occupants.
  • Age (TOP-Temporary Occupation Permit) of the premise. 

Is it time to upgrade your HDB or Condo?

Most people aim to upgrade their homes to a bigger and better place.  However, they may not be aware that a bigger house may not be the best option. If the place is big but the number of people staying there is few, it will not be auspicious. On the other hand, if the place is small and the number of people staying there is overwhelming, it is also not auspicious too.

Given a choice, a house crowded with occupants is still better than a big house with few occupants. A big house with few occupants will carry stagnant energy and prosperity will decline year after year.

Many people upgrade because they are doing well, but many people do not realize they are doing well because their current houses have good Feng Shui. When they shift into a new place, it may not have the same good Feng Shui. There are cases where once after upgraded to a new, bigger place, they suffer in terms of wealth and health issues.

In any way, it is always prudent and beneficial to understand the quality of the house’s energy and the favorable duration of stay in that house for well being before committed to buy the house.

To move to an upgraded housing, it will be useful to be aware of one’s luck cycle ahead. If one’s luck cycle is not favorable, it will be advisable to conduct Feng Shui audit even before buying the house.  It is inclined that if a person’s luck cycle ahead is inauspicious, the person is more prone to be attracted by houses that have more Feng Shui flaws and therefore will need guidance to choose a better house.

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