Before buying your HDB or Condo, you should know this.

Before buying your HDB or Condo, you should know this.

Article by Singapore Feng Shui Master Edwaard Liu

10 Things to look out for before renting or purchasing your premises

Sometimes, clients ask me if there are anything to lookout for when purchasing or renting a new premise. I wish it is a straightforward answer that I can share within a short time; unfortunately it is not that easy, it takes training and experience for a Feng Shui master to identify if a house has good Feng Shui. A detailed study will be based on the landscape, surrounding environment, internal layout of the premise and facing angle of the premise.

However there are some things to be aware of, before buying or renting a premise. (Note that these are not the only factors to consider.)

1) Fast moving roads or expressways
Premises that are near fast moving roads or expressway have unstable energy which is agitated by the fast moving vehicles; this may results in constant unexpected events.

2) MRT or LRT tracks
Premises facing MRT tracks are generally not auspicious, especially for units that are same level or lower than the MRT tracks, energies that are in this premises are also unstable. The screeching sounds from the tracks and MRT create inauspicious energy too.

3) Hospitals
Premises should not be too near to hospitals, energy from hospital are generally Yin in energy, premise near to hospital may affect health or mental issues.

4) Places of worship
Places of worship are Yang in energy and premises near places of worship are comparatively more Yin in energy, which is not good for health and harmony

5) Cemeteries
Premise that are near cemeteries or used to be one, should be avoided, it has strong Yin energy, which is not good for health and harmony. When corpses decompose, liquid seeps into the soil and it is inauspicious to build homes over it.

6) Odd shape premises
A premise with a regular, square or rectangle shapes are better for Feng Shui, odd shapes with missing corners are not good for energy circulation. Round, triangular shapes are to be avoided for homes.

7) Main door facing kitchen door
Energy enters the main door and go straight into the kitchen before circulating to other parts of the premise. This type of layout results in disharmony and health issues, it must be avoided.

8) Open concept kitchen
Kitchen should have a confined space and a door, it is recommended to close kitchen door when cooking to prevent fiery energy to spread through the whole house. Open concept kitchen results in poor health and harmony

9) Vehicles moving below the premises
Avoid units that are directly above carpark with vehicles moving below, it result in restlessness and instability

10) Power substation, rubbish collection centre, wet market, police stations
Avoid staying near those too.

There are many more things to look out for when purchasing a premise. These are the more commonly seen or easily seen issues that can be avoided. If your premises are having these issues, do contact us to help you find solutions to remedy them.

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