20 Bedroom Feng Shui Tips

20 Bedroom Feng Shui Tips

Article by Singapore Feng Shui Master Edwaard Liu

Bedroom is an important part of our house, an average person spend 6 to 8 hours sleeping every night. Therefore Feng Shui in the bedroom needs special attention.

Everyone has their favourable sectors and direction base on 8 mansion (ba zhai) Feng Shui, and for Flying Star Feng Shui we are also able to predict what is the consequences or benefits of sleeping in a particular bedroom in the house.  However, even if you know these methodologies, there are other important factors to consider too.

Bedroom Feng Shui

Here are the 20 things you should know to improve the Feng Shui of your bedroom.

  1. Lighting – Bedroom must not be too bright or too dark, if during the day, the bedroom is very dark, it has more Yin energy, and people in the room are likely to have more stress or depression, make sure the curtains are drawn so that enough light enters during the day. If the room has windows on many sides of the room and it is too bright, Yang energy is too strong, it may give rise to disharmony or argument, make sure to block some of the light with curtains.
  2. Bedframe – Some people sleep without bedframe and they put their mattress on the floor, the effect of this is that, sleeping too low results in lack of support from important people(人气). Sleeping on a bedframe that is too high will result in lack of earth energy (地气) which is related to poor health.  For example, sleeping on the upper deck of a double decker bed is too high. Sleeping on the lower level of the double decker bed is also not a good idea because the energy is always suppressed by the upper deck; it will result in stress or poor health too.  If possible do not sleep in double decker beds.
  3. Storage bed – For people staying in small apartment, they will tend to maximize their storage space; beds with storage underneath are very popular.  Storing things under the beds are not advisable, especially hard objects, because it may results in aches on the body. I have seen cases where people store their comics and story books (including ghost story books) under the bed; it resulted in difficulty to fall asleep or having disturbed dreams.  If you really need to maximize space, the only thing you can store under the bed are soft things like clothing, pillows, blankets etc.
  4. Bed position – The position of the bed is very important; the headboard should be against and aligned to a solid wall. I have seen beds that are put in the middle of the room or arranged an angle, without a solid wall support, it may result in bad health and lack support from people and sometimes unstable relationships. Some people angle their beds according to their lucky direction, and have beds in strange position, not only does it look strange, it obstruct the flow of energy into their room which results in conflict, health and wealth issues.
  5. Headboard – The headboard must not be against the window, because energy behind the head when you lie down must be stable, if wind and energy keeps moving behind your head, you will not sleep well and it may cause health problems in the long term. This also results in lacking of support from important people.
  6. Toilets – On the other side of the wall of where the headboard is, it should not be a toilet bowl or sink, these results in ill health.  The door of the toilet in the bedroom must be kept close at all times to prevent the negative energy from spreading throughout the bedroom. 
  7. Door vs Bed – Bed must not be in the path of the bedroom door as it creates energies clashes with the bed, this will cause health problems in the long run. There is a saying that only corpses are place with their feet facing the door.
  8. Bedrooms door facing each other – If doors of two bedrooms face each other, chances of conflict between occupants of both rooms is more likely.  Keep one of the bedroom doors close and this will minimized the effect.  
  9. Space around bed – It is important to have good energy flow on both sides and front of the bed, there must be space, it should also not be cluttered with objects. If the left side of the bed do not have space, or leaned against the wall or the area cluttered, it may result poor reputation, support from important people or friends. If the right side is cluttered or lack space, it results in poor accumulation of wealth, lacking in wealth luck or financial issues.  There must also be space at the front of the bed, where the feet are, so that it will not affect the health and wealth.
  10. Beams – Bed should not be under beams of the house, beams support the weight of the building structure, sleeping under beams creates stress.  Sleeping under beams for long term results in potential health issues, depending on which part of the body is under the beam. For example if the head is under the beam, it may result in headache or other health issues relating to the head.  
  11. Ceiling fan or hanging lights – Above the bed, ceiling fan or hanging lights are not recommended, protruding things on the ceiling right above your body when you sleep is likely to result in poor health for whichever body part it is pointing to.  
  12. Sharp edges – Preferably, there should be no sharp edges of pillars, cabinets or wardrobe pointing towards your beds, these carry bad energies, if the sharp corners are pointing towards your legs, overtime issues with the legs may occur. If the edges are unavoidable, make them rounded or tapered.
  13. Aircon – The location of air conditioner should not be above the bed, especially not above your head when you lie down, aircon should preferably be placed at a sector that is favorable for Feng Shui, as it constantly activates energy, it should be placed at an auspicious sector. However, the location it is placed needs to be practical too, taking into aesthetic consideration and also functionality of the piping to drain water condensation effectively.
  14. Mirrors– Mirrors in the bedroom must not be facing the bed; mirrors have the effect of messing up the energy where it reflects. People generally do not rest well if there is a mirror facing them when they sleep. Couples tend to have conflict easily if bed is facing the mirror. Mirrors are best kept behind cabinet doors, use only when needed, otherwise hidden from view. TV that is very reflective also has the same effect, if it is facing the bed, cover it with cloth when you are sleeping.  
  15. Objects that are inauspicious should not be place in the bedroom.  Statues, paintings, posters that represent or depict war, violence, disharmony, ferocious animals, monsters, skulls, and scandals should not be displayed in the bedroom.  Sometimes wall paper designs have random words that are chaotic; these are not suitable for bedrooms or homes. Figurines should not be place in the bedrooms, they results in attraction of (小人)harmful people.
  16. Plants – Dead plants carry “Yin” energy, dried flowers therefore not suitable to be placed in the bedroom, it may results in scandal if placed at the wrong place. Live plants take in oxygen at night when cellular respiration happens, it gives out carbon dioxide; therefore it is not suitable to have plants in the bedrooms.
  17. Clutter – Remove clutters from the bedrooms, clutter obstruct energy flows within the room. Bedroom is a place for rest, if it is cluttered and messy; it affects the quality of rest. It should not be use as a storeroom, if things are to be stored in the bedroom, it should be place neatly in the cabinets.
  18. Paintings – Many people like to have paintings or wedding photos hanged above their headboard, if they do so, they will not sleep well, because with something suspended above the head, subconsciously they will not sleep well fearing the items may drop on their head. There is also a possibility that it will happen, overtime, things breakdown and the picture frames may come crashing down.
  19. Ashes – There are cases of people putting ashes of their pets in the house, there are also people that put ashes of their love ones at home too. Some people put the ashes in their bedrooms!  In a previous article, I explained what that is not a good idea. Dead animals or human are Yin energy they should not share the space with living human that are Yang, it is not good for both the dead and the living. You can read more here.
  20. Colours – The colours for different rooms in the premise depends on the elements suitable for the premise. This can be determined from the flying star energy chart of the premise.  In additional to the suitable elements in your house, there are some other things to note. Bed room should not have too much bright red colours, it results in too much fiery energy which sometime causes conflict and bad temper. A room should not use too much grey or black too as it causes the room to be dark, resulting in the room having more “Yin” energy, which may cause occupants to be emotionally unstable. A room that has too much combination of colours may result in restlessness for the occupants.

This information should be able to help you plan the layout of your bedroom better. If you like our articles you can find more at our blogs.


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