Feng Shui Tips – Plants and wood elements – Singapore FengShui Master


Feng Shui Tips – Plants and wood elements by Singapore Feng Shui Master

Mentioned in earlier post, in period 8 (year 2004 to 2023), wealth elements are stars 8,9 and 1

star 8 = earth element
star 9= fire element
star 1 = water element

Wood element attacks the wealth Star 8 , earth element (bad for wealth)
wood element supports the wealth Star 9 , fire element (good for wealth)
Wood element weakens the wealth Star 1 , water element (bad for wealth)

There is a high possibility of putting plants at the wrong locations in the premise, and if this happen, it will affect your wealth energy. Therefore, it is still safer not to have too many plants or wood elements around the house, especially closed to door and window openings. Sometimes there is no choice as most furniture is made of wood, but plants are stronger wood energy. Sometimes, the green colour scheme or plants at the wrong place may lead to leg, foot problems and surgical issues.

Wooden wind chime has strong wood energy. If you realize that your wealth is affected negatively after you hang one at your window, we advise you to take it down. Another point to note, dead/dried flowers or withering  plants/trees are very bad for FengShui.

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