Is it time to upgrade your HDB or Condo? (From a Feng Shui’s perspective)

Article by Singapore Feng Shui Master

Most people aim to upgrade their homes to a bigger and better place.  However, they may not be aware that a bigger house may not be the best option. If the place is big but the number of people staying there is few, it will not be auspicious. On the other hand, if the place is small and the number of people staying there is overwhelming, it is also not auspicious too.

Given a choice, a house crowded with occupants is still better than a big house with few occupants. A big house with few occupants will carry stagnant energy and prosperity will decline year after year. In such a case, one effective way is to keep dogs (if you are a dog lover) to boost the stagnant energy. The ‘Geng’ Gua of dog is well matched to Period 8’s ‘Geng’ Gua.

Many people upgrade because they are doing well, but many people do not realize they are doing well because their current houses have good Feng Shui. When they shift into a new place, it may not have the same good Feng Shui. There are cases where once after upgraded to a new, bigger place, they suffer in terms of wealth and health issues.

In any way, it is always prudent and beneficial to understand the quality of the house’s energy and the favorable duration of stay in that house for well being before committed to buy the house.

To move to an upgraded housing, it will be useful to be aware of one’s luck cycle ahead. If one’s luck cycle is not favorable, it will be advisable to conduct Feng Shui audit even before buying the house.  It is inclined that if a person’s luck cycle ahead is inauspicious, the person is more prone to be attracted by houses that have more Feng Shui flaws and therefore will need guidance to choose a better house.

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