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Tips for homebuyers (HDB, Condo, Apartment) by  Singapore Feng Shui Master

We will advise against selecting a unit that has the toilet at the centre of that unit. Sometimes, this is not easily noticeable until we look at the layout of the unit.

pic 1

Let us show you how it can be done. Divide the unit with 9 equal boxes as shown in the follow picture. You will realize that the toilet is right at the centre of the unit.


What is the implication of living in a unit like this? People staying in such units will suffer from wealth and harmony related problems; women staying in such a unit will find it difficult to conceive.

So if you have a choice do not select house with this kind of configurations.  Unfortunately remedy for the issue is not simple. Customized remedy is required because the energy charts of different homes are different. However, prevention is better than cure!

It is also important to take note that kitchen in the central area will cause the family to have conflicts and argument and bad temper. And yes, we have seen such units before.