If a person is already doing well, does he need Feng Shui? – Singapore Feng Shui Master

If a person is already doing well, does he need Feng Shui? – Singapore Feng Shui Master

Some people may be doing well for a few years and suddenly suffer in some areas in the subsequent years. Assuming that there is no change in environmental factors, one likely reason can be attributed to the change in ‘year’ energy which is now being ‘unfavorable’ at some important areas of our house. This energy is subject to change on a ‘yearly’ basis in various sectors of our premises. Read the rest of this entry »

Is it time to upgrade your HDB or Condo? (From a Feng Shui’s perspective)

Article by Singapore Feng Shui Master

Most people aim to upgrade their homes to a bigger and better place.  However, they may not be aware that a bigger house may not be the best option. If the place is big but the number of people staying there is few, it will not be auspicious. On the other hand, if the place is small and the number of people staying there is overwhelming, it is also not auspicious too.

Given a choice, a house crowded with occupants is still better than a big house with few occupants. A big house with few occupants will carry stagnant energy and prosperity will decline year after year. In such a case, one effective way is to keep dogs (if you are a dog lover) to boost the stagnant energy. The ‘Geng’ Gua of dog is well matched to Period 8’s ‘Geng’ Gua.

Many people upgrade because they are doing well, but many people do not realize they are doing well because their current houses have good Feng Shui. When they shift into a new place, it may not have the same good Feng Shui. There are cases where once after upgraded to a new, bigger place, they suffer in terms of wealth and health issues.

In any way, it is always prudent and beneficial to understand the quality of the house’s energy and the favorable duration of stay in that house for well being before committed to buy the house.

To move to an upgraded housing, it will be useful to be aware of one’s luck cycle ahead. If one’s luck cycle is not favorable, it will be advisable to conduct Feng Shui audit even before buying the house.  It is inclined that if a person’s luck cycle ahead is inauspicious, the person is more prone to be attracted by houses that have more Feng Shui flaws and therefore will need guidance to choose a better house.

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Feng Shui Tips -Kitchen, Sink and Stove – Singapore FengShui Master


Feng Shui Tips -Kitchen, Sink and Stove  by Singapore FengShui Master.

If the energy of the kitchen is favorable, it is beneficial to open the kitchen door to enable the flow of good energy to other sectors of the house. Conversely, the kitchen door is to be closed. The stove and sink locations are important, however, many people are too concerned that if the sink is located beside the stove, disharmony of water and fire energy may result. The location of the sink should be related to the energy chart and not just simply assume that the sink should not be placed next to or opposite the stove.

If the “fire” energy in the kitchen is too excessive, care must be taken to neutralize this excessive element. It is important  always to keep the toilet door in the kitchen to be closed all the times so that any negative energy in the toilet does not complicate the energy of the kitchen.

It is also important to take note of the which portion of the kitchen window is auspicious and has to be opened , last but not least the kitchen’s color scheme must also be taken into consideration.

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Time Factor in Feng Shui – Singapore Fengshui Master

Time Factor in Feng Shui by Singapore Fengshui Master

Time is an important factor in Feng Shui audit. The essence of Feng Shui is to choose the best land to reside for well-being under a specific time frame. For the same house with environmental factors remaining unchanged, it will experience different Feng Shui energy going through a period of time frame.

It is meaningless to talk on Feng Shui without incorporating the time factors. For example, we need to know when the good and bad energies arrives, leaves or sustain. We will also want to know the favorable period to stay within a premise.

Feng Shui energy changes every 2 hourly, daily, monthly and yearly basis. For example, a home may be experiencing overall good Feng Shui Energy for the first two years and then experience bad energy for the third year. On the fourth year, the energy may be back to normal. This is the result of by the year’s changing energy.

By incorporating the energies corresponding to the time factor, we are able to tell past and predict the future occurrences. For example, we are able to predict the months when businesses in a premise are good or bad, or if potential health issues of the occupants  will arise.

We can anticipate when  the wealth energy is residing in our premise and to take the opportunity to harness it.  Likewise, we are able to take precaution to suppress the bad energy.

If a house is constructed according to sound Feng Shui principles its “immune system” is very strong and and is able to withstand the changing monthly and yearly energies. Conversely, if the house’s “immune system” is weak, it will be appropriate to make necessary adjustments on yearly basis.

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Fengshui Tips for Good Mirror Placement – Singapore FengShui Master

Fengshui Tips for Good Mirror Placement by Singapore FengShui Master

Mirrors may reflect or absorb energy. It reflects or absorbs good or bad energy at the opposite end. Energies changes every month. It gives the space un-pure and disturbed energies. It also dissipates and weakens a person’s energy field. It is best not to have any mirrors in the house, but then again, it is not practical. Therefore, use the ones that can be hidden in wardrobes.

If you have mirrors in front of your bed, very likely you and your spouse will argue often. You will also feel tired if you sleep with a mirror facing you. Sometimes even television sets have reflection, it is good to cover it when it is not in use, especially if it faces your bed.

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Feng Shui Aquarium & Water Fountains & Fish for Wealth – Singapore Feng Shui Master


Feng Shui Aquarium & Water Fountains & Fish for Wealth by Singapore Feng Shui Master

Many people have the misconception that having water features or aquariums will bring wealth into the house. Location of the aquariums or water feature is very important, if a chosen sector is bad, it will actually activate disharmony, illness, scandal etc.
But if you put it at the right location it will activate wealth energy and bring wealth to varying extent . It is better to seek professional advice before you decide where to place the water feature.

Some things to take note,

1) Keep the water clean! Dirty water does not  bring wealth and if placed at a bad sector, it will multiply bad energies and causes bad luck.

2)The size of the feature must be proportionate to your house or room. Feng Shui is about balance, and if this balance is upset, the beneficial effects may be downgraded, stagnant or worse, become unfavorable.

3) Loud water flowing/gushing sound is unfavorable to family cohesion. Do not assume that loud water sound means good energy flow for wealth.

4) You will also need to know if the area requires Yin or Yang water. If that area needs moving water, placing a small tank with a fish  or a container with  still water is not enough. Placing a water feature or fish tank with a air pump with more fishes will be more appropriate.

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Feng Shui Tips – Plants and wood elements – Singapore FengShui Master


Feng Shui Tips – Plants and wood elements by Singapore Feng Shui Master

Mentioned in earlier post, in period 8 (year 2004 to 2023), wealth elements are stars 8,9 and 1

star 8 = earth element
star 9= fire element
star 1 = water element

Wood element attacks the wealth Star 8 , earth element (bad for wealth)
wood element supports the wealth Star 9 , fire element (good for wealth)
Wood element weakens the wealth Star 1 , water element (bad for wealth)

There is a high possibility of putting plants at the wrong locations in the premise, and if this happen, it will affect your wealth energy. Therefore, it is still safer not to have too many plants or wood elements around the house, especially closed to door and window openings. Sometimes there is no choice as most furniture is made of wood, but plants are stronger wood energy. Sometimes, the green colour scheme or plants at the wrong place may lead to leg, foot problems and surgical issues.

Wooden wind chime has strong wood energy. If you realize that your wealth is affected negatively after you hang one at your window, we advise you to take it down. Another point to note, dead/dried flowers or withering  plants/trees are very bad for FengShui.

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Feng Shui Tips about Doors and Windows (Qi Energy) – Singapore FengShui Master


Feng Shui Tips about Doors and Windows (Qi Energy) by Singapore Feng Shui Master

In Xuan Kong feng shui, a lot of emphasis is placed on the opening for QI to flow. e.g. Door , window or balcony opening. This opening must be kept clean. Energy flow changes every year, month, day or even 2 hr period. When good energy comes through Qi opening and it is dirty and smelly, it will be downgraded. When bad energy comes and interacts with the dirty and smelly Qi opening, it will become worse.


Keep the Qi opening clean and tidy. Do not leave smelly shoes outside the house and keep them in a shoe rack if possible. We also notice a lot of private property owner or shophouse owners like to leave the smelly rubbish bin outside the door. It is not advisable. At least moves it further away from the door or ties the rubbish up properly so that it does not smell.

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Feng Shui Tips -Wind Chimes and Bells- Singapore Feng Shui Master

Feng Shui Tips -Wind Chimes and Bells by Singapore Feng Shui Master

Sometimes metallic bells and wind chimes are place at the door to create awareness when someone open the door. This is very common especially for shops. You will need to be very careful of metallic bells and chimes. Sounds from them are strong metal elements. although it is very effective in weakening bad energies like 5 yellow(Wu Huang) that causes bad and negative things to happen. It may affect your wealth if placed wrongly.

First of all from now till 2023 the wealth elements from flying stars are 8,9,1 which is earth, fire and water.

It is good for you to understand how elements react to each other,

metal drains  earth energy (weaken 8 )
fire  attacks metal energy ( 9 becomes weaker)
metal produces water energy ( 1 become stronger)

If your door is capturing wealth star 8 and 9, having a metallic bell in front will weaken your wealth. However if you door is having wealth star 1 then it might be good to have the metallic bells . If after placing the bell and your business become worse, it is advisable to take it down.

Besides, metallic bells or wind chimes, if sounded and placed at wrong place, may lead to bad dreams.

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Feng Shui Tips for homebuyers (HDB, Condo, Apartment) – Singapore FengShui Master

Tips for homebuyers (HDB, Condo, Apartment) by  Singapore Feng Shui Master

We will advise against selecting a unit that has the toilet at the centre of that unit. Sometimes, this is not easily noticeable until we look at the layout of the unit.

pic 1

Let us show you how it can be done. Divide the unit with 9 equal boxes as shown in the follow picture. You will realize that the toilet is right at the centre of the unit.


What is the implication of living in a unit like this? People staying in such units will suffer from wealth and harmony related problems; women staying in such a unit will find it difficult to conceive.

So if you have a choice do not select house with this kind of configurations.  Unfortunately remedy for the issue is not simple. Customized remedy is required because the energy charts of different homes are different. However, prevention is better than cure!

It is also important to take note that kitchen in the central area will cause the family to have conflicts and argument and bad temper. And yes, we have seen such units before.