Testimonials for Master Edwaard Liu – Singapore Feng Shui Master



 Even though I know Edwaard for some time, I have never engaged him for his Feng Shui services before.  We are not sure if it will work for us but we went ahead and have a try.  We engaged Edwaard to do Feng Shui consultation for our 3 hostels which consist of 4 buildings. 

 After the consultation, we followed his advice, suggestions and remedies. A few months later, when analyzing the hostel occupancy report, we noticed there are indeed results. 

 Before engaging him, we have suffered a period of lost and although things are picking up it is not moving fast. After following his advice, we are surprised that in this current bad time we are making better profits than before, and things are definitely moving better than we expected in the current time.

 Of course I believe that we do have to put in effort in whatever things we do, however now I believe good Feng Shui do give you a boost in  your effort.   So thank you Edwaard.


Mildred Yong


Milchel Pte Ltd

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