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Feng Shui Tips -Kitchen, Sink and Stove  by Singapore FengShui Master.

If the energy of the kitchen is favorable, it is beneficial to open the kitchen door to enable the flow of good energy to other sectors of the house. Conversely, the kitchen door is to be closed. The stove and sink locations are important, however, many people are too concerned that if the sink is located beside the stove, disharmony of water and fire energy may result. The location of the sink should be related to the energy chart and not just simply assume that the sink should not be placed next to or opposite the stove.

If the “fire” energy in the kitchen is too excessive, care must be taken to neutralize this excessive element. It is important  always to keep the toilet door in the kitchen to be closed all the times so that any negative energy in the toilet does not complicate the energy of the kitchen.

It is also important to take note of the which portion of the kitchen window is auspicious and has to be opened , last but not least the kitchen’s color scheme must also be taken into consideration.

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