Feng Shui Tips about Doors and Windows (Qi Energy) – Singapore FengShui Master


Feng Shui Tips about Doors and Windows (Qi Energy) by Singapore Feng Shui Master

In Xuan Kong feng shui, a lot of emphasis is placed on the opening for QI to flow. e.g. Door , window or balcony opening. This opening must be kept clean. Energy flow changes every year, month, day or even 2 hr period. When good energy comes through Qi opening and it is dirty and smelly, it will be downgraded. When bad energy comes and interacts with the dirty and smelly Qi opening, it will become worse.


Keep the Qi opening clean and tidy. Do not leave smelly shoes outside the house and keep them in a shoe rack if possible. We also notice a lot of private property owner or shophouse owners like to leave the smelly rubbish bin outside the door. It is not advisable. At least moves it further away from the door or ties the rubbish up properly so that it does not smell.

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