Feng Shui Tips – Bedroom – Singapore Feng Shui Master

Feng Shui Tips – Bedroom by Singapore Feng Shui Master

In bedrooms’ Feng Shui, a number of items need to be considered:

1) The quality of bedroom’s door energy

2) The energy of the bedrooms’ location

3) The window’s location and the portion of windows to be opened

4) The color of the room’s wall, floor and lighting.

5) The location of bed, especially the headboard

6) The location of the aircon, fan and television

7) The birth data of occupants to check on the suitability of their occupancy in the room and arrangement of beds

8) The location of cabinets and tall furniture

There are more items to consider but the above items are most important to be dealt with. The importance of the bedroom’s energy cannot be over emphasized due to the long hours we spend in the room.

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