Feng Shui Consultation Testimonial – Master Edwaard Liu


Edwaard has a natural way of making you really comfortable with his warmth and sincerity.

Being a stubborn person and one who does not open up easily, I need someone who makes me feel at ease and who I can put my trust in. With Edwaard, it was easy.

In both the Bazi and fengshui sessions, there was no condescending attitude that seems prevalent in fengshui and fortune tellers, and no scare tactics either, of course.

He also has a very down-to-earth sensibility, and always gave the best advice possible – to make positive changes with the least cost and trouble.

Really thankful for the advice he gave! Even after the sessions were over, I texted him on several occasions when I had questions, and he always responded very warmly!

Ms Huang

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