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Feng Shui Aquarium & Water Fountains & Fish for Wealth by Singapore Feng Shui Master

Many people have the misconception that having water features or aquariums will bring wealth into the house. Location of the aquariums or water feature is very important, if a chosen sector is bad, it will actually activate disharmony, illness, scandal etc.
But if you put it at the right location it will activate wealth energy and bring wealth to varying extent . It is better to seek professional advice before you decide where to place the water feature.

Some things to take note,

1) Keep the water clean! Dirty water does not  bring wealth and if placed at a bad sector, it will multiply bad energies and causes bad luck.

2)The size of the feature must be proportionate to your house or room. Feng Shui is about balance, and if this balance is upset, the beneficial effects may be downgraded, stagnant or worse, become unfavorable.

3) Loud water flowing/gushing sound is unfavorable to family cohesion. Do not assume that loud water sound means good energy flow for wealth.

4) You will also need to know if the area requires Yin or Yang water. If that area needs moving water, placing a small tank with a fish  or a container with  still water is not enough. Placing a water feature or fish tank with a air pump with more fishes will be more appropriate.

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