Inauspicious Feng Shui Facing Directions of premise – Singapore FengShui Master

Feng Shui Facing Directions of premise – Singapore FengShui Master.

The facing angle of a premise has great impact on Feng Shui energy. The following angles are inauspicious and are to be avoided. These angles will bring negative effects which are greatly unfavourable to wealth, health and harmony.  It is recommended to use facing angle at least of 3 degree outside the tolerance from such bad angles.  For example, 22.5 degree is unfavourable, we would need to avoid angles from 19.5 degree to 25.5 degree.

Here are the list of angles to avoid

7.5, 22.5, 37.5, 52.5, 67.5, 82.5, 97.5,

112.5, 127.5, 142.5, 157.5, 172.5, 187.5,

202.5, 217.5, 232.5, 247.5, 262.5, 277.5,

292.5, 307.5, 322.5, 337.5, 352.5

It is very important to take accurate reading of the facing angle. Due to the interference of steel reinforcement in concrete, electro-magnetic waves from electrical appliances, and other factors, it is very challenging to ensure accurate angle reading. Sometime, just by sidestepping 1 metre, the angle can change to more than 10 or 20 degree.

Different range of angles will give rise to different energy charts. Different energy chart will lead to different Feng Shui analysis.

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