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Feng Shui Layout for Apartment, Condo and HDB Flat by Singapore Feng Shui Master

Here is an example of a layout of an apartment or flat where you will find an alignment of front door/window with back door/window. There are many books mentioning that if a house has such a layout, people residing in the house may have difficulties accumulating wealth.

Window and Door Alignment

This is only half true; it is true if the path of the window and door’s alignment happens to pass through any of the wealth sectors of the house. If it does, the wealth energy is dissipated quickly and therefore difficult to accumulate.  Using partitions can help to minimize it.

On the other hand, if the path of the window and door alignment happens to pass through the bad sectors of the house, it is good, as the bad energy, with some good measures, will be dissipated quickly and will have less effect on the people residing in the house. In this case, if partitions are used, bad energy will linger.

Even if the door and window do not carry wealth energies, there will be a time frame, for example, a particular year, whereby wealth energy is residing at this door/window. Then, the wealth energy will leak through these aligned openings.

Before any remedy is to be done, it is important to identify the type of energy involved and not to follow recommendations blindly.

It is not uncommon to have house or office with a central walk path splitting them into half. This layout is prone to beget dispute. The negative effect is more pronounced if the energies of the walk path are unfavorable or when negative energies reside at the pathway at certain time frames. Detouring of walk path is one effective way to remedy such unfavorable form.            

Central Walk Path                                                                                           

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