If a person is already doing well, does he need Feng Shui? – Singapore Feng Shui Master

Article by Singapore Feng Shui Master

Some people may be doing well for a few years and suddenly suffer in some areas in the subsequent years. Assuming that there is no change in environmental factors, one likely reason can be attributed to the change in ‘year’ energy which is now being ‘unfavorable’ at some important areas of our house. This energy is subject to change on a ‘yearly’ basis in various sectors of our premises. If the house or premises was originally constructed according to sound Feng Shui principles and assuming that there is no major change in environmental factors over the years, the ‘immune system’ of the house or premises will be relatively strong to resist the ‘viruses’ ( The inclusion of unfavorable ‘Year’ and ‘’Month’s’’ energy). Otherwise, it would be advisable to fine-tune and address the changes yearly due to the impact of ‘year’ energy to support and enhance our luck cycle.

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